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Smoking rates in Australia fell at their fastest pace in more than two decades, following the introduction of the world’s first law forcing cigarettes to be sold in plain packaging.

The daily smoking rate fell 15 per cent between 2010 and December 1 2013, when one in eight Australians said they lit up at least once a day, according to the most comprehensive survey undertaken since the new rules came into force.

Australia, which introduced plain packaging in December 2012, is at the centre of a global debate over whether laws removing all corporate branding and adding graphic health warnings can reduce smoking. Tobacco companies claim the rules do not work and say they infringe their intellectual property rights.

Simon Chapman, a professor in public health at the University of Sydney, told the Sydney Morning Herald that plain packaging was almost “like finding a vaccine that works very well against lung cancer”.

Australia smoking rates tumble after plain packaging shift (Jamie Smyth, Financial Times)

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Australia Hates Fags

Mark Stedman/Photocall Ireland

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Bill O’Herlihy signed off last night from RTÉ Sport.

He’ll leave it there so, live.


Bill O’Herlihy defends role as lobbyist for tobacco industry (Ronan McGreevy, Irish Times June 11 2014)


Health Minister Dr James Reilly appeared on the BBC2 documentary series ‘Burning Desire’ last night. As Peter Taylor asked him about the introduction of plain packaging he had this to say about the tobacco lobby:

Peter Taylor: “But on what grounds could the tobacco industry/cigarette companies take legal action against your government?”

Dr James Reilly: “They will argue that we are interfering with intellectual property rights. It would be an extraordinary society that would put the intellectual property rights of multinationals over the right to life of citizens and children particularly. This is a nation that stands on its own two feet and we’ll protect our children.”


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Adco-popupBrian Sammon writes:

Electronic cigarettes threaten the tobacco industry + government amenable to tobacco lobbyists (and desperate for cash) = this.
After the air has suitably cleared, plant article in paper.
Ground prepared for next step; government disincentivise e-cigarettes (on health grounds of course, selectively citing reports to back this up)…


Pic: NYT