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A new trailer for Jack And Ralph Plan A Murder (previously Trailer Parked on Broadsheet) Jeff Doyle writes:

Jack and Ralph Plan a Murder is a gross-out comedy, written, directed, produced by Jeff Doyle. Jack (Jeff Doyle) is being bullied in work , so, with a little help from his imaginary friend, Ralph (Johnny Elliott) they begin to plot the murder of his bully, Pat (Chris Newman) all the while trying to woo the office heart-throb Laura (Aisling Bodkin).

The film stars a host of Irish talent, Peter Coonan (Love/Hate), John Connors (King of the Travellers), Stephen Clinch( Love/Hate), Brian Fortune (Game of Thrones) and Steve Wilson(Vikings).

The film is now completed and is in search of distribution both nationally and internationally. Keep an eye out for Jack & Ralph in 2014.