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Ho Thuy Tien waterpark, just outside the city of Hue, between Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh.

Abandoned before opening for reasons never quite clarified – its existence denied by some travel agencies – the waterpark has become something of a cult destination for tourists, as nature slowly reclaims its territory.

Twelve years after completion, the park sits empty, except, perhaps, for a family of crocodiles rumoured to live there.



Last week.

Unidentified (as per Urbex rules) former psychiatric hospital somewhere in Ireland.

Donal Moloney writes:

In 2006 the Irish Government signed up to a policy which would close and sell off it’s portfolio of Psychiatric Hospitals. Among these are some magnificent 19th Century properties which had provided shelter to the homeless, the addicts, the mentally ill, the misfits and the simply unwanted for over 150 years….

Donal Moloney


The rush of urbex.

Nothing like it.

Donal Moloney writes:

Fear, panic, danger, excitement, adrenaline, anticipation and elation are just some of the words that best describe the peculiar lure of Urbex.
Discovering an abandoned building for the first time can feel something like this…It’s an unwritten rule amongst Urbex and Rurex explorers never to divulge (even to each other) where they find their locations.
There are many reasons for this, not least it leaves the location a mystery for the next Urbex/Rurex person to discover.Often, the hunt for these places is as much fun as the kill. Also, were everyone to know where these places are and how access was gained, it could cause legal problems for the explorer and vandalism at the location.
Urbex/Rurex explorers also have a rule that nothing is ever removed or damaged on the premises. Obviously this location has been trashed but many other places are in really good condition.

Donal Moloney


Somewhere in Portlaoise.

Donal Moloney writes:

Here’s something you might like for the day that’s in it. True story. I have a bit of a fetish for abandoned and decayed buildings [Urbex].
I was driving through Portlaoise a few months ago and in the corner of my eye I spotted an old, burnt-out abandoned house.

The front door was chained but with a little shoulder power I managed to squeeze through, into the hallway. Nothing much downstairs so I tip-toed up the very charred stairs hoping I wouldn’t go through it.

I gently pushed open the main bedroom door and was confronted with this. Almost shit myself! Someone had gone to the trouble of strapping a 7 foot crucifix to the rafters with electrical wire and barbecuing Jesus.

I lashed out a few frames before some curse was bestowed upon me.


Donal Maloney