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Brazilian street artists Os Gemeos contribution to the Vancouver Biennale: six 21m tall silos on Granville Island transformed into the giant figures that have become the duo’s trademark. The indiegogo-funded project (their largest to date) took a full month to complete.

Oh, oh, they could do Bolands Mill. Or the Diageo booze missiles.

Someone should organise that.



A newly released video reveals the seconds prior to the tender moment featuring Scott Jones and Alex Thomas captured by Getty Images photographer Rich Lam during the Vancouver riots.

The story loses little of its romance.

Vancouver riot’s ‘kissing couple’ tell their story (CBC News Canada)


Even as the remains of vehicles still smoldered in downtown Vancouver after Thursday’s hockey hooligan riots, many Vancouverites vowed to set things right. Here’s one way they did it: Covering a police cruiser in scores of thank-you post-its.

The second-best photo from the Vancouver riots (Jalopnik)

via @ThatKevinSmith


Getty Images photographer Rich Lam sez:

I was covering last night’s Stanley Cup Playoffs for Getty Images when Vancouver erupted in riots after the Canucks’ Game 7 loss to the Boston Bruins. It was complete chaos. Rioters set two cars on fire and then I saw looters break the window at a neighboring department store. At that point, the riot police charged right towards us. After I stopped running, I noticed in the space behind the line of police that two people were laying in the street with the riot police and a raging fire just beyond them. I knew I had captured a “moment” when I snapped the still forms against the backdrop of such chaos but it wasn’t until later when I returned to the rink to file my photos that my editor pointed out that the two people were not hurt, but kissing.

Either the best riot photo ever, or a cynical, staged troll. The jury is out.

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