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This afternoon.

Custom House Quay, Dublin 1.

Demonstrators gather for a protest and march to Dail Eireann/Government Buildings against Covid restriction, including new measures to deny access to pubs and restaurants to the unvaxxed.

More to follow.

Pic by KN


This afternoon.

Protestors make their way up Nassau Street to Government Buildings on Merrion Street, Dublin 2.




This afternoon.

RTÉ News.

Anti-vaccine passport protests take place in Dublin and Belfast (RTE)


This afternoon.

Belfast, Northern ireland.

Pics by SOQ, who writes:

Bear in mind these pictures were taken at 12;30 today and the march did not start for another hour or so. Even at that point people were spilling out onto the road and traffic was getting disrupted. Unfortunately I could not hang around, but like Dublin it was big.