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Gavin Shapiro and composer Jason Doornick met this vocal deer in Nara Prefecture in Japan.

Blood curdling scream and convulsive giggling fit, yes. But first, the sound of air escaping from a balloon.



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Composer Jim Wilson’s recording of the sound of crickets slowed down to reveal what sounds like an angelic choir.

Although it’s not quite as mind-blowing as purported (not every sound you hear is made by the crickets themselves) it’s still pretty impressive and for the most part, absolutely genuine..

You can buy the album here.


(H/T: Joanna)


A supercut of all the nomcats and their alarming vocalisations of pleasure.


(Hat tip: Tudor Borisev)

ET the walrus at Point Defiance Zoo in Tacoma demonstrates his extensive vocal repertoire.

Raised by humans since he was found starving and orphaned in Alaska by oil workers, ET recently celebrated his 30th birthday.