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This morning

Rabbit-eared, pumpkin sculptress Sienna Castro Darcy (above) announces the return of The I LOVE D8 Mega Yard Sale.

The D8 mega whatnow?

Players Please writes:

On Sunday October 3, neighbours will have a chance to delight others with the things they no longer need and celebrate the change of the seasons with Halloween costume competition and many other games and prizes.

Just set up a stall outside your front door and you’re good to go
! Don’t have anything to sell – don’t worry! Just go for a stroll in the neighbourhood to join in on the fun.

Participants are asked to consider donating part of it to support the Players Please D8 Residents Association. All funds will be used for the judicial review regarding the proposed over-development of the former Player Wills factory and Bailey Gibson sites.

Register your stall here

Pic: Mark Stedman

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Sorcha Nic Mhathúna, of Oxfam, writes:

Best friends Grace and Nina from Cabra were moved to help after hearing about the challenges faced by the Syrian relatives of a family friend and after watching coverage of the crisis on the news.

They held a yard sale selling favourite toys and rice crispie buns and gave €32.41 to Oxfam Ireland’s Syria crisis appeal – and wrote a letter to accompany their donation:

Dear Oxfam,
I have done a yard-sale to raise funds for Syrian people who are refugees.
It is not nice for anyone to live in tents in cold. I just don’t agree with it.
From Grace (10) and Nina (9),
Cabra, Dublin 7.

Oxfam Ireland visited the girls at Grace’s home to thank them and to make a video, above, about the letter.


Oxfam Ireland

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