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Sorcha Nic Mhathúna, of Oxfam, writes:

Best friends Grace and Nina from Cabra were moved to help after hearing about the challenges faced by the Syrian relatives of a family friend and after watching coverage of the crisis on the news.

They held a yard sale selling favourite toys and rice crispie buns and gave €32.41 to Oxfam Ireland’s Syria crisis appeal – and wrote a letter to accompany their donation:

Dear Oxfam,
I have done a yard-sale to raise funds for Syrian people who are refugees.
It is not nice for anyone to live in tents in cold. I just don’t agree with it.
From Grace (10) and Nina (9),
Cabra, Dublin 7.

Oxfam Ireland visited the girls at Grace’s home to thank them and to make a video, above, about the letter.


Oxfam Ireland

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