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After spending 11 days watching all 11 Pixar movies and hand selecting 500 scenes, mashupper Leandro Copperfield edited together this tribute to the best animation studio on the planet. reposted by daHipHopKingz


This Christmas – as we suspected early in December – was always going to be about the dubstep.



Fail compiler, Manuel “n0bodyyy” Staudte‘s 2010 Win-tacular montage.

UPDATE: Twisternederland – Broadsheet’s favourite fail compiler – released a December montage a few days back, which has since been taken down due to a copyright claim. Happily, he’s also released his own best-of-2010 mashup. Enjoy.


[vimeo clip_id=”18213768″ height=”” width=”640″]

Michael Black from Belmar on the Jersey Shore set up a time lapse camera, recorded last weekend’s blizzard, then condensed 32 inches of snowfall to 38 seconds of video.

It even made the Irish Times:

(Heads up: Cara)

The Fall is a 15-track album composed on an iPad by Damon Albarn and friends between shows on their recent tour. Fan club members can download the whole thing for free.

If you’re not a member but are prepared to sign up, you can stream it from here, now.