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Fight Dub by Eclectic Method. What it says on the tin:

The first rule of Fight Dub is to tell everyone about Fight Dub. Eclectic Method explores the idea of fighting across the frames, mixing fight scenes so characters reach from one movie into another and punch the behoozle out of someone. James Bond steps into Snatch, Adam Sandler knocks out Indiana Jones and Bruce Lee repays Uma Thurman for borrowing his yellow outfit in Kill Bill. Oh and just for good measure, Brad Pitt and Keanu Reeves self-harm. And who can say they never wanted to punch a panda?

We can.

laughing squid

It seems the crown of musical WTFnity has been snatched from the unholy alliance of Lou Reed and Metallica. Sitting down? Right.

Korn has released a dubstep album.

Josh Johnson at Washington Square News has heard it so you don’t have to.

While the music of “The Path of Totality” is assaulting and monotonous, the inane lyrics are what make it so hard to take the album seriously. The lyrics fall into two categories: offensively simple and just plain offensive. After 10 albums, lead singer Jonathan Davis is still singing about how terrible life is and how everyone else exists to see him suffer. If he still has all this angst, maybe songwriting isn’t the best form of self-expression for him. Perhaps he should try painting instead.

Korn dubstep album an assault on the ears (Washington Square News)

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