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Created by digital artist Eowyn ‘theantilove’ Smith: a map of the geographical locations of 44 Disney and 13 Pixar films from Snow White and The Seven Dwarfs (1937) to Frozen (2013).

Full image and key here.

Unmappable films like Wall-E and Monsters Inc appear in an inset. Elsewhere, following furious pedantry on Reddit and DeviantArt, Smith clarifies:

1. Movie was placed based on the location IMPLIED IN THE DISNEY/PIXAR VERSION
2. If the movie was too vague to determine a location, the original story/myth was consulted.



The creator of The Pinokio 1 Lamp (which one can only assume has a functioning bulb) Shanshan Zhou, a digital media student at the Victoria University of Wellington in NZ, sez:

Lamp is an exploration into the expressive and behavioural potentials of robotic computing. Customized computer code and electronic circuit design imbues Lamp with the ability to be aware of its environment, especially people, and to expresses a dynamic range of behaviour.

The people at Pixar may want a word.


More here: Pixar’s Story Rules, Illustrated in Lego by Icanlegothat (Slackstory)

Neil Niall Murphy, who would normally take your hand off to post a Lego item like this, is not with us at the moment, hence the depletion in visually stunning and wildly surreal posts. Niall’s dad died at the weekend. All of us here wish Niall and his family our very best.


Animator Andrew Gordon tells the tale of a space between the walls and the air conditioning units at the Pixar offices that was converted into a “Love Lounge” accessed via a Batman-style secret button.

The story of the ‘secret’ room at Pixar, frequented by Steve Jobs and many other celebrities (thenextweb)