Meanwhile, At Trinity College


Trinity College Dublin’s new Scholars and Fellows announced on the steps of the Public Theatre in Front Square, literally a little earlier.

Damn joyful, life-affirming swots.

(Sasko Lazarov/Photocall Ireland)

Meanwhile, recognise the dude, below, on the left? (we didn’t):


33 thoughts on “Meanwhile, At Trinity College

    1. Tara

      Indeed, I am having all the craic here, surrounded by mountains of books…

      Fair play to them, Schols exams are bloody impossible and those who get them truly deserve the rewards.

    1. The Old Boy

      They’re not. It’s a soul-destroying day for the many hundreds of students who sat the exam, entirely voluntarily, and have precisely diddly-squat to show for the vast amount of work that they put in.

      1. John shiels

        regardless of whether you achieve the required mark to become a “Trinity scholar” you have the advantage of not having to sit your summer exams, so its not a total waste!

        1. Ciaran

          Not any more unfortunately, people who sit Schols Exams still have to sit summer.. Changed quite a while back!

        2. SJ

          They got rid of exam exemptions as the exams now take place in January under the new semesterisation model. Therefore, exemptions would effectively mean they could stop working after January and still potentially become scholars. It’s Schols or nothing, so for every happy student today there are 10 who are devastated.

  1. Mothman

    Trinners are Winners…lets all go to the Pav and drink all the knowledge we have away…huzzah

  2. Blobster

    Fair play – anyone have examples of the type of exam papers these folk sit to be acclaimed scholars or fellows?

  3. Tommy

    Non trinners here, can somebody explain what these awards are? People taking extra exams for the fun of it?

    1. Henri

      Basically. Optional exams sat in January. If you get 70%+ (very difficult to achieve), you get five years of no fees, free on-campus accommodation, and free three-course dinner in the fancy dining hall every weekday (Commons). You also get a “salary” of €254 a year and you can put “Sch.” after your name. I think they also get their Seanad vote despite not having graduated.
      103 people got it this year, which I think is a record.

        1. Henri

          Not sure if that was ever true. You might a drink with the Commons.
          Fun fact: Schols is funded from rents of land given to Trinity during the Ulster Plantation.

  4. Sarah

    Ah fair play one of those is my little bros mate! Now to go and question my brother why he didnt sit that exam and get all that free sh** He may have been too busy drinking I suspect to study for those exams!

  5. proud mom

    Congratulations to all of those that got schols!

    I know how much hard work went into it… a huge achievement.

    Those that didn’t make it should still be proud- to commit to it is still impressive. Good news is that the rest of the term should be a bit easier for them too.

    Go Trinity! ( and a hug to my daughter, MGR- so proud of you!)

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