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Wafflewaitress writes:

Am a ‘long time’ reader (i.e. a year or whatever it is) and odd time commenter.. I was having a cuppa with a friend yesterday and as I crossed the road back to my bike I noticed a guy standing at the bike rack, just standing there..When I got to my bike he asked me was it mine and told me it had fallen over as it wasn’t locked to the stand (bloody idiot yes) and then said that he’d picked it up and been guarding it til I came back! I was really taken aback by this kindness and thanked him, he smiled and said something about being a fellow bike owner so didn’t want to leave it there etc ..

Anyway, long story short (too late) while I was thanking him we kind of locked eyes for a moment and apart from him being really cute and having guarded my bike like a bloody hero, I really felt unusually tongue tied and very interested in this virtual stranger for some reason. We said bye and I thanked him again, I wanted to ask him out (or are you married/gay/psychotic) etc..but couldn’t find the courage. He went off on his way with a smile and I almost called after him, but didn’t. Obviously.

Anyway, like I said, I know this is a looooooooooooooong shot but what they hey- I kicked myself all the way home (which is hard on a bike) for not saying something to him other than “ah thanks”.

So if there’s ANY way you could ask your readers (all of whom are lovely and nice and won’t take the piss out of this if it IS printed) if they are, or know who could be, the (roughly) 5’11 sandy haired (slightly thinning) cute dude in a wine coloured hoodie/top at the bike stand on the corner of Leeson Street and Hatch Street [Dublin] at almost exaaaactly 2 p.m who guarded a dopey redhead’s unlocked bike…I’d be forever grateful..and you’d save me a trip to the Ray D’arcy show. Pleeaase save me that trip. :) p.s. Did I mention he was cute?


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