A Limerick Far Far Away: Episode VI, Return of the ‘Rick Off.


I really cannot understand,
How this nightmare deal ever was planned,
He defeated the Sith,
But it’s taking the pith,
To make Luke stand in Disneyland.

John Moynes


You can do better.

Yes, it’s a Stars Wars/Disney ‘Rick off.

Best Limerick wins a pumpkin.

Lines close at 11.30am 12.45pm

(Disney CEO Bob Iger with Darth Vader and George Lucas pic via)

UPDATE: we have a winner:

Sam, who sent it three (!). A bit needy but what the hell…

Take a story involving Jedi
plagiarised from the old samurai
and when it all stinks
cos of dumb Jar Jar Binks
Tell disney to give it a try…

So this how old sagas die
said the world wearied master Jedi
a chorus of cheers
for a mouse with big ears
“A Womp Rat he’s like to my eye”.

Star Wars fans complain and curse
That disney will make it far worse
They think it right silly
to watch Sith Steamboat Willie
choke Donald while using the force

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