Waiting For SUSI


Bryan writes:

I applied to SUSI [the online student grant application system] in July and I had all of my documentation sent in by the first week of September

I’m not waiting on a grant but I am waiting to find out if my fees will be covered, as I’m a first year PhD student. I got a phone call last month from SUSI to tell me that my application was “being looked at”.

Since then, I’ve heard nothing.

As my fees haven’t been paid, I have no access to the library, which as a graduate student, makes life a tad difficult.

On top of this, my girlfriend applied for Jobseeker’s allowance months ago and was told that our application should be assessed relatively quickly. She called into the dole office today in order to get an update on the application and was told that it would be “at least another 4 months”.

One might think that the backlog is because the  high number of applications for our area but we live in rural West Cork

I’m becoming more and more convinced that the various assessors and bureaucrats are delaying processing various applications in the hope that people will just give up hope.

What is going on!?


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