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A fairly convincing but fraudulent email purporting to be from Student Universal Support Ireland currently doing the rounds.

SUSI sez:

This email is not an official SUSI email and the internet link contained within this email does not connect you to SUSI’s official On-line Student Grant Application System. Please note that SUSI’s official On-line Student Grant Application System is accessible at www.grantsonline.ie


Alan writes:

My dear friend Niamh, a wonderful, smart, caring, and frankly just incredible woman has put up a story {above] on her Facebook of her trouble trying to acquire a grant through SUSI (Student Universal Support Ireland) despite what I’m sure you’ll agree are some quite deserving circumstances. I’ve asked her if it’s OK if I share the post with you and she has agreed. I think some of your readers may be interested to see what some people have to go through to try (and fail) to get even a partial contribution to the fees….

You may recall Bryan’s anxious wait for news from the SUSI, the student application grant clearing house.

Well, he has some news.

And it’s a tale as old as time.

Bryan writes:

I have had an interesting few days with SUSI. Having heard nothing from them since December, I phoned them on Monday and it turns out they sent me an “award letter” in December, but they seeing as they sent it to my old address, they had to post me another one, this time to my new address.

Then I found out that I had been awarded the wrong amount: Only the student contribution was to be covered, €2,000, and I was going to have to pay the tuition fees of nearly €6,000 per year myself.

I thought enough was enough. I contacted a TD on Wednesday who had offered his help to me regarding SUSI months ago.

He contacted SUSI and exactly 24 hours later, yesterday (Thursday), my application had been reassessed, and I was awarded 100% of my tuition fees, as should have been the case from the beginning.

It takes them over 6 months to assess an application and award the wrong amount, but less than 24 hours to assess an application and award the correct amount when a TD is involved.

It says quite a lot about Irish bureaucracy, doesn’t it?

Previously: Waiting For SUSI

Bryan writes:

I applied to SUSI [the online student grant application system] in July and I had all of my documentation sent in by the first week of September

I’m not waiting on a grant but I am waiting to find out if my fees will be covered, as I’m a first year PhD student. I got a phone call last month from SUSI to tell me that my application was “being looked at”.

Since then, I’ve heard nothing.

As my fees haven’t been paid, I have no access to the library, which as a graduate student, makes life a tad difficult.

On top of this, my girlfriend applied for Jobseeker’s allowance months ago and was told that our application should be assessed relatively quickly. She called into the dole office today in order to get an update on the application and was told that it would be “at least another 4 months”.

One might think that the backlog is because the  high number of applications for our area but we live in rural West Cork

I’m becoming more and more convinced that the various assessors and bureaucrats are delaying processing various applications in the hope that people will just give up hope.

What is going on!?