When Dr Boylan Met Dr Kiely



Dr Peter Boylan’s encounter with Breda O’Brien on Radio One last week wasn’t his first time spreading his blasted ‘facts’.

He was also involved in this merciless exchange on ‘Prime Time’ in November with Dr Berry Kiely, medical advisor to  the Pro-Life Campaign. (Scroll to 12:10)

Dr Berry Kiely: “Sorry. Can I just clarify there, Peter? Because I was looking at the Institute of Obstetricians and Gynaecologists website today and they have guidelines for the management of miscarriage em..in pregnancy…”

Dr Peter Boylan: “Not threatened miscarriage though. That’s different you see. There’s an awful lot of confusion about this. Miscarriage, threatened miscarriage, abortion, mixed abortion and so on.”

Kiely: “But they do talk about incomplete miscarriages which we are told is what happened in this case.”

Boylan: “That’s where the baby has died and the tissues have been passed and there’s remaining tissue. That’s what an incomplete abortion is and you should know that, Berry.”

Kiely: “Yeah, no but what they’re what they’re talking about in these guidelines is that they say you have conservative management you have medical induction of labour and you have..”

Boylan: “This is talking about really really early miscarriages, six or seven weeks which is completely different. This is muddying the waters here.”

Kiely: “Imagine, Peter. I think perhaps that’s not being fair here.”

Boylan: “No.”

Kiely: “I don’t think there is anything from any of the other obstetricians I have talked to. None of them seem to make that tremendous distinction you’re making. They’ve all agreed…that yes…”

Boylan: “Well you’re not talking to the right people.”

Kiely: “Oh.”

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