For Your Consideration: Miscalculation



‘Miscalculation’ by Paddy Scahill  directed by Deirdre Fitzgerald.

Set in  Dublin, 1981 and featuring:
Nuala – electronics whizz at Reilly Laboratories and glamorous woman about town.
Donnchadh – her egomaniacal Gaeilgóir poet flatmate.
And Rita – an ex-camogie fiend with a penchant for mixing pop socks and sandals.

The makers say:

We’ve already shot the film on very little budget after developing the script for more than two years. Now, we need to raise the last amount of funding for post-production costs – getting the final edit done and paying for a sound mix and colour grading. There’s also the cost of submitting the film to festivals….

Project: Miscalculation (

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