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[Professors Meehan and Hillary, above and the report by the Chief Medical Officer]

Below is a link to a November 2000 report by the then Chief Medical Officer [Dr Jim Kiely] regarding trials conducted on children in mother and child homes.

This is the report the Irish Times reported yesterday that the Department of Health is having difficulty tracking down.

It concerns the state allowing Wellcome to carry out medical trials in care homes in the early 1960s up to 1973.

The trials were overseen by Professor Patrick Meehan and Professor Irene Hillary both attached to the Medical Microbiology Department at University College Dublin.

The report runs to a brisk, readable if ghoulish 45 pages and we highly recommend it should you have the time and an interest in these matters.

The contents – known to at least four health ministers – reveal not just a cover-up (with laughable collective amnesia and no paper trail at all) but a reminder that certain medical professionals enjoyed playing god as much as the next nun.

Report here

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