Taken Out Of The Water With A JCB



The Grand Canal, Dublin this morning.

Derek Haughton writes:

“Another dead horse taken out of the canal at the Kylemore road, Ballyfermot, Dublin, 100 yards from where Nicola the donkey was taken out of at Xmas. A Waterways Ireland worker took the body out of the water with a JCB….”

25 thoughts on “Taken Out Of The Water With A JCB

  1. SunshineB

    That’s awful. Any idea whether they’re falling in and drowning or being dumped there? So sad.

    1. Am I still On This Island

      Sunshine, it just happens to be right beside a halting site with animals. But the occupants know nothing!

  2. A

    Typical racist broadsheet .if it’s part of someones culture to run horses ragged and dump their carcasses in the canal then who are we to judge.

  3. LTFrankDrebbin

    That’s a pity, he was probably getting a drink and fell in.
    The kids that swim at Suir road will be swimming in horse bile today.

        1. HappyDub

          I’m not saying anything.
          It’s Friday, it’s late, I’m off to the pub.

          Might head to that nice pub on Camden St.

  4. Florida123

    Disgraceful. The animal welfare laws in this country are shameful. No animal deserves to end its life like that. Who ever did this to it should be treated just as badly.

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