It Means A Lot Twomey



Aisling and jacket in happier times.

Parted in Aldi.

Aisling Twomey writes:

“I know you don’t normally do this, but I left a black leather jacket in Aldi on Parnell Street [Dublin] on Wednesday evening on the shelf inside the window. I put it aside to pack stuff and forgot to pick it up again. It was a gift and I’m devastated to lose it. It’s short, has quilted sleeves and is a size 10, from The Edit at Dunnes Stores. It was pricey enough and it means a lot to me- I’m offering a reward for its return….”


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39 thoughts on “It Means A Lot Twomey

  1. Fair hill

    Shoulda locked it properly with a proper lock, check youtube

    where were the Gardai etc. etc

  2. Aisling Twomey

    + 7.5? Cheek of you.

    I really want the jacket back (though in fairness, I realise that someone would have handed it in if they were gonna).

    Will trade shifts and money for jacket’s safe return.

    1. Mister Mister

      Shifts ? As in what country folk call getting the mooch?
      Or shifts, as in do a few hours work for you ? What’s your hourly wage ? If you’re a jobsbridge internee I’m not interested.

    2. WhyNot

      How do you trade shifts? Like you will get off with your mates? If all at the same time, ok, deal.

  3. Humans eh!

    Oh right!
    Anyone else removing articles of clothing in Aldi and security guards and real guards are all over me it.

    But when a beautiful woman does it………
    Outrageous Joe!
    Discrimination I say!

  4. Samuel

    I know you don’t normally do this, but I found a black ladies purse/wallet thingy yesterday (17-07-14) outside Trinners side entrance, thinking it was belonging to the four lovely girls who were coming in as I was going out I asked it was theirs, it wasn’t. It looked like someone had been pick pocketed, and the contents taken, the thingy left behind.
    One of the girls took it from me to give to the TCD porter, but the last one through the gate as we went our seperate ways smiled at me, in such a way that would bring the Ukrainian civil war to an end.
    If she’s/you’re reading this … do get in touch … :)

    1. Banned of Censored, formerly Baggins, Diddy, Bag Of Censored

      I’m cringing so hard right now that I think I broke something

      1. Birneybau

        A smile that could bring an end to the war in Ukraine?

        I just feel that Samuel has never talked to a woman in his life that wasn’t his ma.

  5. Brainer

    A girl’s lost jacket gets an article on broadsheet? Pretty lame. But then that’s nothing new for bs.

    1. ahyeah

      All media (even hipster ones) will cover a story – however banal or unimportant – if it comes with a pucture of a good looking woman. That’s just how it is. Nobody really cares all that much about Aisling’s jacket.

  6. scottser

    i saw a woman wearing a jacket just like yours there in town. i tried to take it off her but ended up getting arrested and charged with assault. i’m down in pearse st station – can you come down and explain this misunderstanding to them?

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