6 thoughts on “A Limerick A Day

  1. Llareggub

    This overpaid Senator Ned
    Worried his silly head
    About gulls stealing lollies
    From children and wallies
    Who are most likely overfed.

  2. Nibbers

    I got divebombed several times by a seagull while walking through the IMMA courtyard yesterday. When I looked around afterwards I realised that I had passed by a confused young seagull who didn’t know enough to fly away and just stood there squawking for mama (teenagers, don’t you know). The mama seagull was of course just protecting its fledgling. I watched for a while as other unsuspecting victims ventured too near the little guy and got warned off. Minutes and minutes of wholesome fun.

  3. Sam

    Who’ll step up in this hour of need?
    A knight on a shining white steed?
    For seagulls to ban
    And the loud ice cream van
    For which our brave senators plead!

    In the Seanad’s dark underground bunker
    Where our finest and brightest may hunker
    Aware of great peril
    from birds that are feral
    Their latest plan is quite a clunker

    If that’s got us all seeing red
    The next one will melt your poor head
    It’s the guinness can widgets
    and trolls (under bridges)
    And the bogey man under the bed.

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