From RTÉ’s Nine O’Clock News on Wednesday

On the RTÉ Nine O’Clock News on Wednesday there was a segment by RTÉ’s Carole Coleman on the Gaza-Israel conflict, during which a woman in Gaza was on camera shouting.

As the woman is in the frame, Ms Coleman says in her report, ‘This Palestinian says she’s ready to strap on an explosive device and fight.’

Further to this, Abubakr Elsayed, in Donacarney, Co Meath, has created a petition calling for an apology from RTÉ.

From his letter to RTÉ:

I am writing to express my displeasure with your report on RTE news called “Hamas leader rules out ceasefire before negotiations” broadcast on 23/07/2014. In this report the news reporter states that the women in the segment says “She is ready to strap on an explosive device and fight”. Though this is not the case as she clearly said in Arabic “Everyday four kids die, everyday five kids die, where is the world, where is the religion”. This is obvious biased and deceitful reporting.


Watch RTÉ’s report in full here

Immediate apology for obvious biased and deceitful reporting on the Gaza issue (

Thanks Droidus McMoidus via Snackbox O’Flaherty

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83 thoughts on “Dear RTÉ

  1. john manhan

    RTE is funded by an inept government.its part of an inept government and it Is an inept,ill informed,lazy,tired monopoly.It would be nice to think that the tired old hacks who are employed there would read messages like these here,but even if they did they’re so blindly indifferent i doubt they’d care.RTE is an embarrassment.
    Sloppy news reporting.Pathetic debates where homophobes sue a national broadcaster and silence it.Horrendous chat shows like the late late or worse Saturday nite whateva its called now.An over rated,hyped mediocre homegrown show in Love Hate and rubbish after rubbish.If you don’t pay your license for this muck you can be jailed.Democracy?Yawn.Its a stinking rotting national disgrace with no governing.It needs massive culling of the movers and shakers.But its too cosy a clique to rustle feathers.Vote with your remote.BBC ,channel 4 etc are just a click away

  2. S McCaffrey

    Wether it was a mistake or not it is totally unacceptable for a ‘professional’ organization to go on air without proof reading their broadcasts before hand. How many more times have they done this?

  3. Thomas O'Rourke

    The RTÉ report of Wednesday July 23rd is distorted, even if you can’t understand what the Palestinian woman is saying in the clip mid-way through. Distortions run right through the piece, to such an extent that focusing solely on RTÉ’s skewed interpretation and mistranslation of the clip misses the wider point of their skewed assumptions and framing at every turn since the Israeli assault on Gaza began. I was so infuriated on seeing the piece (which exemplified RTÉ reporting on Gaza), that I immediately began writing an open letter to the reporter Carole Coleman. I sent the criticisms directly to her and the Director of News and Current Affairs on Friday, but obviously don’t expect a reaction from them. I have linked the criticisms below. If you think that they are reasonable, feel free to share them:

  4. Joseph

    @Thomas O Rouke. Your criticism isn’t justified but mainly a tainted dislike of how RTE isn’t a pro Hamas mouth piece.

    1. Thomas O'Rourke

      The specific focus of the open letter is RTÉ’s uncritical treatment of Israeli propaganda. This is evidenced for the report in question. You cannot infer from my criticism that I would prefer RTÉ to spout Hamas propaganda. In fact, the concluding paragraph directly contradicts what you say. The inverted scenario points out how flawed such an RTÉ report would look if Hamas had killed a vast amount of Israeli civilians. The imaginary report is obviously absurd in how it treats Hamas propaganda and effaces human suffering. RTÉ’s actual reports are similarly ludicrous for acting as an Israeli mouthpiece and not reporting the brutality of Israel’s assault.

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