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Panti Bliss gave Amnesty’s annual pride lecture in Belfast at the weekend. She also wrote that, before she dies, she’d like to get married in Belfast during the festival

Patrick Corrigan writes:

But how long will she have to wait [to get married in Belfast]? Northern Ireland looks set to become an equality backwater for the LGBTI community as equal marriage for same-sex couples is introduced in the rest of the UK and Ireland (if passed in the constitutional referendum next Spring), but not in NI, as the Stormont’s biggest party, the DUP, continues to block moves to introduce legislation.

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13 thoughts on “My Vow

  1. Del McG

    If the LGBT community changed their flag to something a little less colourful & less horizontal, say just red, white and blue in a combination of vertical, diagonal & horizontal lines, the DUP might change their minds…

  2. chris

    Miss Panti Bliss can not get married anywhere, anytime.
    She is a character, not a real person.
    That said, I think that Rory O’Neill should be given the right to marry his boyfriend in whatever juridiction he likes.

  3. Inooways

    NI nearly passed SSM on the last count in spite of unanimous DUP ignorance, so there is light at the end of the tunnel yet,,,

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