10 thoughts on “Hard Crossing

  1. Inopro

    why do even art installations in this country need to be religious? religion is fiction its nonsense!

    1. huppenstop

      Many artworks reference religious iconography but aren’t religious in nature. And besides the Bridget Cross in all likelihood predates Christianity (which I presume is what you mean by religious).

    2. deliverancecountry

      I guess we viewed all aspects of our lives and society through the prism of Catholic shame.

    3. Happy Molloy

      I don’t have any religious beliefs but do you have to be so sneery?
      I’m guessing you’re still in your early twenties or just an ass xx

  2. Art

    The piece is about Brigid’s affair with Moses. She is endlessly lost in the sea he could never part for her.

    1. LukeyHere

      I love an opportunity to be pedantic.

      It’s not Sandymount Srand, or the Bull Wall.

      It’s the Great South Wall.

      From Wikipedia:
      “The Great South Wall (also sometimes called the South Bull Wall), at the Port of Dublin, extends from Ringsend nearly four miles out into Dublin Bay. It was the world’s longest sea-wall at the time of its building and remains one of the longest in Europe. It faces the later-built Bull Wall, and has one of a trio of port lighthouses at its end”

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