Arrested Development



Anti-Austerity Alliance councillor Michael O’Brien

The Irish Examiner is reporting that Mr O’Brien has been arrested at a protest against Greyhound in Coolock this morning.

It reports:

Anti-Austerity Alliance Councillor Michael O’Brien was arrested on the Greencastle Road as protestors blocked a Greyhound bin truck into an estate.

Dublin city councillor arrested in Greyhound protests (Irish Examiner)

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Pic: Anti-Austerity Alliance

13 thoughts on “Arrested Development

  1. Planet of the Missing Biros

    Politically motivated arrests have been going on for decades in this country.

      1. YourNan

        why bad, they collect my rubbish on time despite these assholes trying to get in their way illegally, fair play to the garda for doing their job for once.

        You have a grievance with your employer, use HR, use a labour resolution court. don’t be a thug, a job is not an entitlement.

  2. RIGBY

    I’m just baffled that nobody, including this journalist, seems to be able to spell ‘protester’ correctly anymore… Three syllable words are tough, I suppose.

  3. Paul Davis

    You have to wonder how bad your life was if becoming an Anti-Austerity Alliance councillor was an option…

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