48 thoughts on “What Does €900 Get You?

  1. Selfie Sensation

    I’m usually the first one to point out that if no one paid €900 for a studio no one would ask €900 for a studio but on this occasion even I feel that this has gone too far. Personally I have decided to get out of Dublin as a result but others don’t have the same option and it’s hard to see how things will change in anything but the long term.

    1. Caroline

      “it’s hard to see how things will change in anything but the long term”

      True, but then, that’s what people always say.

    2. Spaghetti Hoop

      It’s probably time for Dublin-weighted salaries. If the corporations want their labour local they need to up the salary by an agreed %. Works in London.

        1. Spaghetti Hoop

          It’s not set in stone though is it? I don’t rent but the horror stories I hear about rising rents is evidence that 1) unregulated, flats and houses will provide a free-greed opportunity to landlords and 2) makes it unfair to those that don’t particularly feel good about sharing their living space with unknowns, yet are forced to.

  2. Ms Piggy

    this isn’t that new though. That place reminds me a lot of somewhere I rented c.1996, except that the quality of the finish on this place is MUCH higher, plus the one I lived in was on the ground floor, had a tiny window and only opened onto a small concrete courtyard with no light anyway. I can’t recall the exact price now (about £250 a month I think), but I know that at the time as a student/minimum wage worker it was hideously expensive as a proportion of my earnings. I’m not downplaying the situation renters are in now by any means, I’m just pointing out that this all happened in Dublin 20 years ago too, at the start of the Tiger years. And I distinctly recall that no-one in any position of influence gave a toss about those stuck in the unregulated private rental market then, either.

    1. Selfie Sensation

      Agreed, I remember as a student in the late 90’s looking at places in Dublin that were tiny, in terrible condition and shockingly expensive. Even so there were people desperate to rent them.

    2. Jess

      At the height of the boom i was paying 900 in rathmines for a 1 bed that was really well decked out. This has gone way way too far

  3. Eoghany

    In fairness that looks like a really nice apartment. Not exactly the grubby bedsit crying chair type.

      1. Mr. T.

        That might mean something if you’re from Foxrock and afraid of the northside. But most reasonable people would know that it’s near town, luas, loads of buses and right beside an amazing park.

      2. pedeyw

        Yeah, I lived on that end of NCR till this July. It’s actually a pretty nice spot. 10 mins walk to Stoneybatter, 5 to Hueston, you’ve got a huge park right there, and 46a into town if you’re unwilling to spend 20 mins walking to capel street. Having said that I shared a two bedroom appartment with en suite bathroomsand a decent yard and we were paying €1000 pm between us. €900 for a studio is nuts. Mine was €900 when I moved in. 300 each.

    1. Lilly

      Get real! It’s almost a grand a month. Think about how much you’d have to make pre-tax for that. It looks like a cheaply furnished and tiny kip. God help renters.

      1. Llareggub

        That’s because sit is a cheaply furnished and tiny kip that was given a lick of paint. That three-legged table up against the radiator -WTF! Studio my ass. It’s a subdivided room!

    2. Kav

      And the plastic cover on the mattress is a nice touch, no piss stains for any prospective tenant to deal with!

    1. Zynks

      I think the picture of the shower was taken while sitting on the loo. What I can’t find is a wardrobe.

  4. JunkFace

    It’s worth it if you turn the place into a grow house, or a meth lab! Nice windows for ventilation. Ha ha

    1. pedeyw

      It may have been something similar. When I first moved up around there that house had about 12 different doorbells. It was up for sale. Most of the Junky dens got cleared out and they’re in the process of being sold off by the slum Landlords that operated them.

  5. Llareggub

    I can envisage the pen-clicking nit-wit in shiny shoes that’ll show you around this place that ‘boasts’ all mod cons and fantastic location.

  6. ANON353

    Go the daft link and vent your frustration in the ‘Report this ad’ section…. I did….. Might get a point across to Daft.ie… make you feel better to vent… But probably not

  7. h

    For sure the wages are a bit lower, but just for the craic, this place in fancy Prenzlauer Berg in Berlin has a friggin roof terrace, and is €830 a month. Something is very seriously screwed up with the rental system in Dublin.

    1. rockpig

      How much would that cost in Dublin? 1500? 1800? Lets just settle somewhere around the two grand mark.

    2. Matt

      I live in Prenzlauer Berg in Berlin. That place isn’t far off the mark but you will be looking at a bit more for utilities. I like the iOS 6 keyboard that the broadsheet app gives me.

  8. Wittyname

    The electrical regulations do not allow a power socket to be within a meter of the sink, and having the cooker right there too is dangerous. And where the hell are you supposed to prepare your food?

    1. Mick

      Really? The apartment I’m in is only about 10 years old and there’s a socket about half a metre from sink. Cowboys.

  9. Paul Davis

    House was obviously bedsits.

    DCC outlawed them.

    No houses built for 7 years.

    Landlord understandably wants the same return.

    New building regs make new builds substantially more expensive.

    Basic maths, no supply and huge demand equal the mess we were warned nanny state politics would create.

    Only going to get worse.

  10. Sancho

    What do people suggest happens? I agree that if the room is illegally built (sockets are unsafe etc) then that needs to be addressed, but otherwise, what are people actually moaning about? Just that it’s very expensive? Fair enough, but what do people suggest? “Rent control”? What does that even mean? If we lowered the rent, to what price? And should we legislate to force people to lower the price? What if the owner bought the property during the boom and now that 900 (coupled with rent on the other rooms doesn’t cover the mortgage, should they still be forced to lower the rent?

    There’s so much complexity to this that people here just want to ignore because it doesn’t fit their world view. It’s just dishonest and, frankly boring.

    I would like to live in Dublin but I can’t afford to buy a nice house in a location id like to live in. My solution is to continue living abroad and save enough money. The solution of the people here is to bitch and moan. It’s kinda pathetic and childish.

    1. RF

      Where do you live, Kamchatka?

      This is happening in all big cities and governments don’t appear to be doing anything about it. The net result will be more boring, dead areas in major cities because no young people can afford to live there.

      Solutions aren’t easy but some countries examine who buys a place and what for, and have rules about how many places you can own, and for what purpose.

  11. Rafter

    Sake! I just reached the end of a 2 year lease and my landlord increased the rent by €100 per month to renew for another 2 years and even at that I’m still only paying €950 now for a 2 bed house in Crumlin and I’ve a massive garden, car parking, 10 min bus journey to town etc…. that’s ridiculous.

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