Ray, A Drop Of Golden Sun




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A video comprising Irish Independent writer Colette Browne’s popular column from yesterday [denouncing  the IMF debt ‘deal’] blended with Today FM’s Ray D’Arcy ‘impressively rocking out’ to the Black Keys’ Lonely Boy in a celebrated parody of the video for same.

Some day all columns will may be presented in this manner.

Made by Conor McCabe.

Thanks Blueswannabe

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13 thoughts on “Ray, A Drop Of Golden Sun

  1. mauriac

    liked the column (not ray,he dances like an eleven year old hurler at a teen disco)


    Ireland bloated on hubris and craic sucked up these iniquitous debts and hasn’t the balls to even think of defaulting so it must be dealt with and learned from as a fait accompli and managed as best as possible without debilitating bitter hindsight …

    1. Samuel

      There’s an element of pride in not defaulting. Plus long term benefits.

      Of course, the average citizen suffers in the meantime.

      Solution: hold FF and builders, etc to justice, but don’t default.

  2. Outta me Bento Box

    it was a completely facile article.

    The State decided of its own volition to backstop all bank liabilities. If you dispute that you have selective memory

    1. Tannoy

      +1 as they say. Once we went down this route, Europe made sure we didn’t deviate – but it was our route.

    1. Kieran NYC

      Also doing terribly cringy interviews.

      And saying ‘Aaaaaah yeah” to illustrate a poor joke.

      Still. Better than a kick in the balls.

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