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Former heavyweight champion boxer Mike Tyson verbally abuses host Nathan Downer on live Canadian television when that thing we never talk about is mentioned.

He was in Toronto to perform his one-man show and support Mayor Rob Ford’s re-election bid.

Good luck with that.

Warning: contains NSFW language.

Photo: Nicola BettsDamien writes:

So anyway, Toronto has opened up the voting for its newest park to the Interwebs and it just so happens that of the 5 options one is Corktown Common, as part of the area bordering the park is called Corktown after the many Irish immigrants who moved to this part of Toronto after the Famine. Now obviously I’m not suggesting any kind of concerted online campaign to have this option chosen but I’ll just leave this link here…

Name That Park

I suspect the fine people of Cork may think “Corktown Common” has a nicer ring to it than “Kings Reserve”

Eddie Gallagher writes:

Heading to Poland Tuesday thought I’d share the pic of our house in Toronto. Not seen in the pic is the 3 small Croatian, Italian and Spanish flags in the window from which the England flag is hanging. To say our roommate pushed his luck with them is an understatement.


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