Have You Got My Lunch?



We don’t normOMNOMNOMNOM

Lorna writes:

“One lunchbox (like above), containing a rather delicious chicken, spinach and red cauliflower lunch (I swear it’s tasty). Left at the Dublin Bike stand on Barrow Street at 9/9:05 this morning. I blame sleeping out the alarm and rushing/being late for work. Failing a reunion, I hope someone can enjoy a tasty lunch on my behalf.”

Red cauliflower?


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12 thoughts on “Have You Got My Lunch?

  1. the good helen

    **picks up lunchbox, glances inside, recoils in horror, throws in the bin** NO – no one enjoyed a tasty lunch on your behalf!! Someone went to work very sad at seeing red cauliflower at such an early hour of the morning.

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