17 thoughts on “How High?

  1. nullzero

    having a nice bit of lamb tonight. this video would have been better with fellow loony veg lover morrissey on backing vocals

  2. p

    It’s a fact that the meat/animal product industry is one of the biggest (if not the biggest) causes of environmental destruction on the planet. But when I see/hear Paul McCartney I just want to eat bucket of fried chicken, while wearing a fur coat and sitting on a leather chair.

    1. Drogg

      Over population by humans is the biggest contributor to global warming and in tow our over consumpion of non renewable energy farming livestock is way down the list and does sir Paul know that to end pollution from animals it means we would have to kill them all off?

      1. p

        I agree, over-population somehow slipped my mind haha. But the animal product industry isn’t as far down the list as people think. When you factor in destruction of forests for grazing, pollutants from production and transportation of meat/products/fertilizer/vet products/feed/ hay/silage/equipment, add the methane farm animals produce it’s pretty high up there. And to think a lot of it ends up in the bin.

          1. ivan

            Yes, but you can light your own farts and it’s not, y’know, cruelty to animals. You just gotta be careful…

          2. deliverancecountry

            Thousands of millions of humans.
            An estimated 50 billion chickens at any one time.
            How many hundreds of millions of engines are running each day?
            To scale, if we imagine the earth as the size of a basketball, the breathable atmosphere is thinner than a sheet of paper.
            What can go wrong?

  3. ivan

    Who, McCartney?

    Jesus, if Double Fantasy was anything to go by, Lennon had bog all mojo left. It was great to see him come back after the househusbanding, and a tragedy that he was shot, but his solo output, where he didn’t have to compete with McCartney means he produced a fair amount of dross as well…

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