And he’s not going to take this anymore.

Seagull loathing Senator Ned O’Sullivan (FF) raised the issue of anonymous online commenters and their criticism of politicians in the Seanad this morning.

He singled out list-loving, palatially housed online news Godzilla The Journal saying its comments section often verged on the “abusive”. He then called for a civilised debate to be held on the matter.



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30 thoughts on “Mad As Gull

  1. Starina

    “I’m a priviledged, middle-aged, white male and you hurt my feelings.”

    Mind you, they can be a bit mean in the Journal comments. But that’s the internet.

    1. Atlas

      I don’t see how the fact he’s a ‘priviledged [sic], white male’ makes his point any more or less retarded.

    1. 3stella

      Oh the irony… this Gombeen and his anonymous mates had no problem using Oireachtas phones to make 3,636 calls at the cost of 2,600.00 euro (not from his own personal number, mind) to vote for Mr Micheal Healy-Rae to win ‘Celebrities Go Wild’ in 2007.

  2. Medium Sized C

    If the Teacher had a waited a second longer, we’d have seen the kids leave when he said anorak-type bloggers.
    Which would be pure poetry.

    1. zynks

      this made me think. I was looking for someone who is unanimously treated well online to derive a behavioral comparison, but this person doesn’t seem to exist… is the interwebz intrinsically bad?

  3. Clampers Outside!

    Out of touch politician expresses displeasure at being disliked.

    Tough nuts ya spanner. Maybe a call for some better moderation on personal attacks, but that’s all. People should be allowed, anonymous or not, to express their positive or negative views of politicians or anyone courting the media.

  4. Odis

    Crickey. Maybe we could have an internet license with a points system, to deal with these rude boys (and girls). And make sure they don’t insult thick **** politicians, who clearly haven’t got the faintest idea how these things work, despite being paid salaries and pensions that would imply they had a three digit IQ.

    1. pedeyw

      Brian Cowen demanding an apology from RTE for reporting on the Cowen sitting on a toilet painting springs to mind. If you can’t take being insulted, stay out of public office.

  5. Louis Lefronde

    If I had the wings of a sparrow
    If I had the ass of a crow
    I’d fly over Seanad Eireann
    And s**t on the b******S below

    And yes, some people were ‘gull’ible enough to keep that ridiculous institution.

  6. GiGi

    Senator Ned Sullivan used to be my English teacher in school. He was the best teacher I ever had. He is genuinely hilarious but also terribly clever. Fond memories. : )

    1. Odis

      He may might have been clever as an English teacher, but he doesn’t seem to have had the smarts to put his plans for cleaning up teh interwebs, past someone who has knowledge of its workings, berfore making himself look like a prick.

      Correct me if I’m wrong but doesn’t Journal.ie have some sort of membership yoke, in any event.

    2. Kieran NYC

      He’s a shite politician.

      He should have stuck to the teaching (like most of his colleagues).

      This is basically him moaning that he can now hear what everyone is saying about him in every pub in the country.

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