Smooth Criminals


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Repurposing an opportunistic theft into a nifty promo, Cillian de Burca writes:

Conradh na Gaeilge have started our evening Irish classes again this week, and had a large banner made up earlier this month to advertise them. Our CCTV had some interesting footage this morning though – these lads must have been keen to get in touch and register…

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12 thoughts on “Smooth Criminals

  1. Drogg

    Just so you know using a copyrighted tune to advertise a business can result in lawsuits going into the 100’s of thousands even millions of euro I’m lost revenue if I was you id take it down quick.

  2. Madouveh on the Dole

    Usual Dublin Wankerism that everyone here just seems to accept.

    Anything that isn’t bolted to the ground or that doesn’t have a security guard in front of it deserves to be nicked to trashed.

  3. Práta ag Caint

    Haha Cliste Cliste! Probably two primary school teachers or some other such upstanding citizens who regularly fall out of Coppers. ;)

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