90069420Jim Wells MLA

Behold the new NI Minister for Health Jim Wells.

He replaces Edwin Poots.

What can we expect?

Jim pictured with Bernie Smyth of Precious Life [above] in their efforts to stop the Marie Stopes clinic performing abortions in NI.

What could possibly go wrong?

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Love Them Both

Eamonn Farrell/Photocall Ireland

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31 thoughts on “Mná Bac Leis

  1. Drogg

    And I was worried about the health minister we have, but this muppet takes it to the extreme. Who wants a creationist health minister?

    Patient: ” oh my leg is broken”
    WellsMLA: ” well put some Jesus on it and you will be right as rain in the morning”.

  2. Don Pidgeoni

    The morning after pill doesn’t ‘kill’ anything. It delays ovulation. Good to see the Health Minister has a strong grasp on health…

    1. Mick Flavin

      Pardon my ignorance, Ultach, but is the moderate strain of Unionism making any headway at all against this kind of dinosaur? Does the Alliance Party hoover up that vote?

      1. Ultach

        This dinosaur is what passes for moderate unionism I’m afraid, MF, since his lot, the DUP, have never overtly been involved in murder. They just pointed out the snow so others (extreme unionists of the UDA, UVF etc.) could roll and throw the snowballs They don’t regard Alliance as unionist. Neither do Alliance, except on the occasion they designated themselves as unionist in order to save the political institutions. Alliance are, of course, regarded by all shades of nationalism as moderate unionist since they are pro the constitutional status quo but would like it to be fairer, nicer, rosier etc. Which it can’t since it is based on a sectarian headcount. To answer your question, Alliance has succeeded in hoovering up some moderate unionist votes, notably in East Belfast where Peter Robinson lost his Westminster seat at the last general election to Naomi Long. But they have a lot of fluur suckin tae dae yit (as Ulster Scots would have it). That’s enough from me, I’m doing what I accuse Louis Lefronde (glory be) of doing and offtopicly airing my own personal obsessions. (And don’t apologise for ignorance. I wish I didn’t know a lot of the stuff I do!)

        1. Mick Flavin

          Thanks for that, Ultach. I’m shamefully badly informed about how things are up the road…

          It must be infuriating for you to have people like this guy shaping political discourse…and in charge of health…

          1. Mick Flavin

            Will the new lad be any better than Sammy, do you reckon?

            While we’re on the subject, can you recommend a decent book on the last fifty years of Northern Irish history (I’m taking liberties here, I know…)?

          2. Ultach

            Now there’s a question. I’m sure there are but I don’t know. The best, or possibly just the most entertaining, reading to get a handle on our byzantine situation in the north east is, I think, the opinion pieces in the Irish New and in the Belfast Telegraph. They both give full whack to all shades. There are other newspapers which I don’t read.

    1. Ultach

      Care to differentiate there JF? There are some diamonds among the turds, mostly in SDLP and Alliance (though, biased as I am, I’m struggling to think of any unionist diamonds. Will welcome correction, as long as it’s relatively painless).

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