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This afternoon.

Journalist Ken Foxe publishes a series of emails between Leslie Moore, the City Parks Superintendent for Dublin City Council and Paul Clegg, the executive manager for planning an property management at Dublin City Council – over the placing of a banner supporting Dublin GAA on the Ha’penny Bridge in Dublin 1.

Mr Foxe tweetz:

The ‘Up the Dubs’ banner that graced (defaced) the Ha’penny Bridge is no more. Dublin City Council review found it breached guidelines on protected structures and “materially affects the character” of the bridge…

GAA banner on Ha’penny Bridge is a step too far (Ken Foxe, Alan Caulfield, The Times Ireland edition)

Top pic: Darragh Doyle

Aine Philip writes:

The Artists’ Campaign to Repeal the 8th Amendment announce the creation of a series of beautiful, hand-painted, stitched and embroidered banners, which will be carried in procession at the upcoming March for Choice on September 30th in Dublin.

The banners are inspired by the Suffragette, Labour, Sodality and Guild groups and all those who have sought social change through cultural means.

…The Artists’ Campaign to Repeal the 8th Amendment was founded in 2015 by Cecily Brennan, Eithne Jordan, Alice Maher and Paula Meehan. To date, 3,000 of Ireland’s artists, musicians, actors, dancers, writer and poets, have signed up to the campaign.

Artists’ Campaign to Repeal the 8th 

March for Choice (September 30, 2017)



Via the Arbortiion Rights Campaign (ARC):

It’s Time to Act. We have waited too long. We have been patient for too long. We are tired of waiting. We need to act. Our government needs to act.

And YOU need to act! Join us at 6th Annual March for Choice (September 30) to make your pro-choice voice heard, this is your last chance before a referendum is called.




This afternoon.

A Repeal The 8th banner on the Cathedral of Our Lady Assumed into Heaven and St Nicholas in Galway.

Díobháil writes:

In the early morning hours of [today], feminist pro-choice activists Díobháil (Bíonn Díobháil a dhéanamh againn: We make mischief) struck again and dropped a banner from Galway Cathedral stating “Repeal the 8th – Free, Safe, Legal” demanding access to abortion.

For too long, the Church and the State have controlled our bodies and our choices. It is time to finally end the unholy alliance of Church and State.

While Díobháil respects peoples’ personal religious beliefs, these should not be imposed on others, and the vast majority of people in Ireland agree (Amnesty International’s Red C Poll found that ‘82% of people polled who describe themselves as religious believe their religious views should apply to them and not be imposed on other people).

Let us not forget, St. Brigid was our first abortionist, and this is why we demand “Take your rosaries off our ovaries!”.

We are not vessels, we are not incubators, we will not be silenced.

Thanks Díobháil



This morning.

Belgard Luas station.

Thanks Reppy



Dame Lane, Dublin 2

Thanks Barry H

Screen Shot 2014-09-24 at 00.31.42

Repurposing an opportunistic theft into a nifty promo, Cillian de Burca writes:

Conradh na Gaeilge have started our evening Irish classes again this week, and had a large banner made up earlier this month to advertise them. Our CCTV had some interesting footage this morning though – these lads must have been keen to get in touch and register…