What Do We Want?


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This afternoon outside Leinster House, Dublin

Sam writes:

“Over 350 GPs from across the country gathered outside the DÃil this afternoon to protest over cutbacks. The National Association of General Practitioners claim that their members’  practices is being ignored by Government and that the emigration of young GPs is impacting the service. This is the first time the GPs have gathered in protest: they say that patient safety and well-being is at stake and that specific groups are being ‘ punished ‘ by continuous cuts in GP care.”

From top: Pat Crowley and Bill Moore; Ger Lane and Julie Kenneally; Ross Kelly and Karen O’Neill; Orna McLaughlin with her son Sebastian and protestors along Molesworth Street. All doctors except Sebastian.

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(Sam Boal/Photocall Ireland)

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24 thoughts on “What Do We Want?

    1. ABM

      I agree their wages are a joke.

      There are 9 to 5ers with “legacy contracts” and golden pensions on the horizon throughout the health service who are valued higher.

      There are 1,000s of inter-generational dole families who live very comfortable lives in city centre townhouses who are valued higher.

      “New entrant” Gardai, nurses and teachers are being shafted too.

      There is very little dividend for work in Ireland. This is a policy problem that needs addressing.

      The middle class used to be a game of snakes and ladders. It’s 99% snakes nowadays for young people.

  1. Ahjayzis

    ‘Encourage’, from the latre Middle-English ‘encoragen’, meaning to bury them to their tits in cash?

    I’ve a lot of sympathy for junior doctors, but being cynical, that’s a lot more likely than fixing the hospitals and making them well-run, pleasant places to work normal, human hours. They’ll just pay them off.

    1. Prof Monkey for a Head

      “The stethoscopes mean they’re doctors.”

      I’m cracking up at this comment for some reason.

  2. JunkFace

    Thanks Irish Government, f***ing up the future Part 2!!

    Slow hand clap.

    F***ing up the future Part 1 is Education

  3. CousinJack

    Sex Equality in medicine, it should be required that there is 50% male representation of the irish contingent on all undergraduate medical courses in Ireland

  4. The bringer of facts

    Please stay.

    We can’t pay anymore.

    This isn’t London, LA or even Cardiff.

    Please realize this is a small island of 4 million people that is still recovering from a very large recession.

    Thanks, please stay.


  5. phil

    Those slogans are slick and signs are consistent , kinda reminds me of the pro life organisation … Now Im not comparing issues , just that well funded protests with PR consultancy , they look kinda the same, and I dont feel moved by their cause , weird I know , cant explain it …

    1. Odis

      I feel the same. Compared to the average person, doctors are well off. And yes I know all the stuff about Junior Doctors, that Irish and British Junior Doctors have always been whining about,
      Their education has been subsidised here, There’s never any shortage of people wanting to learn medicine.

      When they qualify here, they have a choice, stay here and earn money that is well above the average, or emigrate to richer countries like America, Australia or Saudi. And earn lots of money. A difficult choice.

      Are the Doctors asking the government to pay more, to lessen the incentive to emigrate and become considerably wealthier. Its hardly a quandry that I can feel much sympathy for, in fairness.

  6. poc

    you clearly have no idea about the gms or gp contracts. research it a bit and then comment when you know the facts. hse propaganda to release these figures which in no way relate to actual take home pay per doctor. the overall issue is in the very near future you will not be able to get a gp appointment because of a lack of doctors. fact. revert back when your facts are up to date. regards.

      1. Eoghany

        Haha.. poc really needs to “do a bit of research” and find the meaning of the word “fact”… His statement is the furthest thing from a – fact –

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