Meanwhile, At The Gates Of Trinity


Screen Shot 2014-09-26 at 17.12.58

‘Mercy At College Green’.

By artist Sean O’Dwyer, who featured on RTÉ’s Liveline earlier today teling Joe he drew this after watching drug being sold outside the front gates of Trinity College Dublin.

Mercy has just had her shoes nicked.

Sean O’Dwyer

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13 thoughts on “Meanwhile, At The Gates Of Trinity

  1. swoon

    Lousy composition makes for a weak image.If his penmanship had some strength then the composition wouldn’t matter so much.If I wasn’t getting suffocated by the sheer dirth of excellent work online then maybe it might draw my attention.Anybody who pulls their finger out and puts pen/brush to paper though is always a winner in my book.So keep doing it,and get better.

  2. Wayne Carr

    He saw someone using drugs in the city centre? Good Lord, is ok? And outside Trinity? Have they power hosed the building?!

    On a serious note. The missing column of the central bank, and the up turned car are a bit glib. Normal cars aren’t even allowed to drive down that part of Dame Street.

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