Beautiful Failures


3036368-slide-s-2-the-wrist-of-the-story-a-brief-history-of-forgotten-proto-smartwatches-1975 3036368-slide-s-6-the-wrist-of-the-story-a-brief-history-of-forgotten-proto-smartwatches-1975 3036368-slide-s-8-the-wrist-of-the-story-a-brief-history-of-forgotten-proto-smartwatches-1975 Screen Shot 2014-10-01 at 20.26.02 Screen Shot 2014-10-01 at 20.26.113036368-slide-s-1-the-wrist-of-the-story-a-brief-history-of-forgotten-proto-smartwatches-1975
Behold the John The Baptists of the smart watch world.

Above: The Sinclair calculator watch kit (1976); Seiko Wrist Computer (1984); the Casio CMd-10B remote control watch (1993); the wrist PDA (2004) and Pulsar 18K calculator watch (1976), Nelsonic Star Trek II watch (1982) and Seiko TV watch (1983) and the Wrist Radio (1976).

MORE: The Wrist Of The Story: A brief history of forgotten proto-smart watches (1975 – 2004) (Fast Company)

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