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Google engineer Max Braun’s modded bathroom mirror – a personal prototype of an as-yet commercially unavailable futuristic domestic interface. Sez he:

The display is only a couple of millimeters thin and embedded in a layer between the two-way mirror glass and the door of the medicine cabinet. That way it looks very clean and I can keep using all the shelf space inside.

My Bathroom Mirror Is Smarter Than Yours (Max Braun, Medium)


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Behold the John The Baptists of the smart watch world.

Above: The Sinclair calculator watch kit (1976); Seiko Wrist Computer (1984); the Casio CMd-10B remote control watch (1993); the wrist PDA (2004) and Pulsar 18K calculator watch (1976), Nelsonic Star Trek II watch (1982) and Seiko TV watch (1983) and the Wrist Radio (1976).

MORE: The Wrist Of The Story: A brief history of forgotten proto-smart watches (1975 – 2004) (Fast Company)

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Behold the ultimate u-lock: compact 2.95kg design with Bluetooth 4 proximity detection (which opens the lock as you approach with your paired smartphone); wifi connectivity and onboard accelerometers (to alert you if the bike is being moved or tampered with), USB chargeable internal battery with backup solar panels.

Available this Christmas for a we-don’t-normally-do-this €180.


(H/T: John Gallen)


See, the clue was in the name.


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An MIT Media Lab team has developed a series of wallets that react physically when you spend electronically:

The wallets communicate with your bank via a bluetooth connection to your smartphone and come in three variants. The “Mother Bear” has a hinge that gets harder to open as your balance dwindles. The “Bumblebee” vibrates every time a transaction gets processed, with one vibration for debits, another for credits. And the “Peacock” swells and shrinks along with your account balance.

“An unusually high balance results in a wallet large enough to be visible to potential mates,” write the researchers.

Yesterday, we scoffed.

Today, we need these.

Smart wallet gets harder to open as you spend more (Consumerist)