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“In South Africa it is a lighter disease, but in Europe it has been a serious, serious illness, which is what the politicians want me to say. There has been a lot of pressure from European scientists and politicians who have said ‘Please don’t say it is a mild illness‘.

“They are accusing me of lying, of downplaying Omicron because of how it has been in Europe … in their minds, it is impossible for a disease with more than 38 mutations to be mild.”

Dr Angelique Coetzee, who discovered the ‘Omicron strain’.

Omicron pioneer ‘pressured’ to exaggerate seriousness (SA Daily Telegraph)

This morning.


Like the current one so.


Europe and Asia, alarmed by COVID variant, tighten borders (Reuters)



Property developer Johnny Ronan in Capetown, South Africa

Last night.

Following on from the circulation of a video of property developer Johnny Ronan in Capetown, South Africa…

Tom Lyons, in The Currency, reports:

Johnny Ronan, one of Ireland’s most successful property developers, has apologised after a video went viral in recent days showing him joking with friends three months ago about Covid-19.

The video spread unexpectedly on Whatsapp this week before leaking onto other social media. At the time it was made by double Olympic cyclist Philip Cassidy on February 29, it had been shared only to a small group of friends before somehow it spread more widely.

Cassidy is a friend of Ronan, who is also a keen cyclist, and they were on a cycling trip together in February in Cape Town, South Africa prior to Covid-19 reaching Ireland.

“I’m sorry”: Apology as 3-month old video of developer Ronan joking about Covid-19 goes viral (The Currency)

Yesterday: We’re Back Baby

Capetown, South Africa

Sun-grizzled property developer Johnny Ronan self isolates.

What a complete and utter character.



‘Life In The Era Of C19’.

The Irish in South Africa.

Keano writes:

We chat with Hanna Hawkshaw, who launched her new single “Little Miss Sunshine” in the midst of the lockdown, and Rob Gill, director of the Richard Harris film festival in Limerick. In South Africa, there is no allowance for that daily walk and worse still, you cannot buy alcohol

FRO Films


Think you know about fracking?

Think AGAIN..

Jessica writes:

I thought some Broadsheet readers might be interested in the free Irish Premiere of Unearthed (feature documentary about the process of Fracking), which will be screened in Trinity College Dublin  on Monday October 6 at 7pm as part of the 8×8 Festival.

You can register for tickets here.

mcneil 902_moss_keane_rugby_ireland_kerry_1 pic_newsMain.phpglasherald

Three players boycotted Ireland’s 1981 tour to South Africa, Hugo MacNeill (top), the late Moss Keane (centre) and Tony Ward.

The committee (South African Non-Racial Olympic Committee) said its chairman, Ambassador B. Alporode Clark of Nigeria, had sent letters yesterday to three Irish and two New Zealand rugby players commending them for their decision not to play for their national teams against South Africa.
The Irish team to play Scotland at Murrayfield a week tomorrow, is scheduled to tour South Africa in May and the South African team will play New Zealand if they tour there later this year. Their players, Hugo MacNeill, Tony Ward, and Moss Keane have told the Irish selectors they cannot travel to South Africa for moral reasons.

Glasgow Herald, March 13, 1981.