Cash-bathed, Irish gentleman’s website Joe.ie advances toward England.

Over to you Harbo.

We’re definitely doing something wrong.

*reaches for ‘Cool Ranch’ Doritos*

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54 thoughts on “Was It For This?

  1. Padi

    I’d sort out the average app and serious lack of content first on the existing Joe.ie before expanding their wings. But hey they’ll probably flog it for a fortune!

    1. Tannoy

      What do you mean? Why, after thejournal.ie/Distilled Media, balls.ie, One Fab Day, broadsheet.ie, Waterford Whispers News… well, all of the Sweatshop Media brands actually, they’ve got to be fighting it out with lovindublin for a spot in Ireland’s top ten digital-first publications…

      1. rmc

        Thats a bit unfair on lovindublin. It may be owned and run by a total cretin but the content is decent. definitely a good way to find new places to eat in the city

        *I swear i don’t work for them

    1. Inooways

      + 1 000 000 – hetero centric, arrogant maleness is the last thing we need more of in UK or Ireland

    1. Mikeyfex

      Ya they get far fewer comments alright. I reckon it’s the lack of anonymity from it being a Facebook based comments section. Otherwise there’d be loads of comments telling them that not every best man speech adventure wedding video is the greatest thing we’ve ever created. It must be soul destroying enough work, writing articles about epic father ted references in every day life when you know deep down it’s not really that epic at all.

  2. Rotter

    I don’t think the UK will care much for their constant fawning over everything Conor McGregor says or does…

      1. Rotter

        I think he’s more like David Haye, dressed like a ‘lad’ going to his first student race day…

  3. Miami Dolphin's Barn

    Joe –

    Look at this Hilaaarious Vid LADS / This pic of GIRL Is looking Hot Laadzz / Oh my boner ConorMcCregor is the Man Ladddzzzz / This Cork Lad in Australia will make all the ladddzzzzzzzz laugh ladz


    1. Domestos

      The Conor McGregor on Venice Beach vid was one of the funniest videos I’ve seen in a long time.

  4. Marklar

    I played football with him for a bit in Railway Union. I’ve never known anyone to pass the ball less than him.

  5. Tom Stewart

    Joe.ie, and their sister website her.ie, are clickbait merchants, nothing more. They care not a jot if the crap they “publish” is true or not. All that matters is that you clicked it.

    They have since deleted it, but Joe.ie reported the “North Korean government lying to its people about World Cup” story as complete fact:

    [It was debunked here:

    Her.ie reported that Kimye didn’t pay their hotel bill:

    [Newstalk had debunked it within hours, having phoned the hotel:

    Her.ie later happily published the story that Kimye HAD paid their hotel bill. No apology for the complete bullsh*t they just reported, and no removal of it either.

    They are click-baiting douchebags that I encourage you all to ignore.

      1. Jack Aranda

        More that The Sun identified Joe.ie as a great location to reach the target audience for their new app.

  6. Smelly Seán

    Their brand of gormless tripe is so edgy, it’s twenty years behind the curve. As all the lads mags fold, plucky Irishmen leap in to fill the UK’s desperate need for more lazy manchild-oriented content.

    At least the physical copy of a lad’s mag could be used to fan-dry the sweat patches on the armpit of your work shirt in the office toilets, caused by one getting over excited from seeing the panty-line of one’s Principal Officer while she was bending over to move the boxes of workplace regulations which outlined why only she was permitted to move those boxes after lunchtime and receive twice your salary for the privilege and an extra hour off in the afternoons to carry her Hills Have Eyes-esque child to tin whistle practice.

    1. curmudgeon

      This mans comment has more entertainment value, creativity and intelligence than the entire output of joe.ie

  7. Banotti

    95% of joe.ie links I find on facebook are posted by complete retards that have somehow stumbled into my life, “hey, not cool with the retards” Go and shite.

  8. Royal M

    “Shocking GIF of hilarious Irish lad’s brilliant tweet is a work of absolute genius.”


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