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  1. Mister Mister

    Well that’s nonsense anyway.

    Why would someone in a skip company be shredding paper they find, in a skip ?

    1. The Old Boy

      At the very least they would be opened, checked who they were sent to and then sent for shredding. If this chap worked for a shredders he would be sacked on the spot for photographing documents, ie just about the worst thing someone tasked with document disposal could do.

      1. scottser

        surely the worst thing someone charged with document disposal could do, is simply not dispose of the documents. besides, i don’t see any personal information being leaked there.

  2. John Gallen

    I thought it funny, funny peculiar too, that these guys at ‘National Citizens’ Movement’ were claiming someone sent them this pic of envelopes returned with ‘no contract, no consent’ on them and now they’re due for shredding…. yet, there is nothing written on any of the envelopes in the pic….?

    Just a sticker from the post office, which I cannot make out. I was thinking of sending them a pic of a goat, and tell them it’s a sheep to see what happens. Such an excitable bunch.

    Could these just be the 6,000 that were addressed wrong a couple of weeks ago….. I dunno. But with these guys it would appear, anything is possible.
    It’s difficult to know what’s legit protest and what’s a crank with these anti-IW groups….

    1. Cian

      Considering each and every one of them has been marked as returned by An Post and An Post alone, I’d be fairly certain this is the case.

  3. Custo

    An Post return all undeliverable items to Irish Water. Irish Water shred them. They’re not working off a set database of addresses (if they were, they wouldn’t need to ask for your PPS no, they’d already have it from the LPT database). Most of those are probably addresses to ‘The Resident, 8, Ghost Estate Green, Co. Longford’ and the like and have been returned undeliverable to be destroyed. There’s no sensitive information contained in the packs, which means that they can be handed to a skip company without being shredded.

    1. Jonjo


      Also, not one of those that are visible has the Freeman s***e (No contract, No consent etc.) on them

  4. smoothlikemurphys

    Another deluded group that heard some freeman nonsense, thought it sounded good (It’s not true) and have decided to misinform everyone they come in contact with.

    When the bills are issues, and households have not received their allowances for children, etc. it will be groups like National Citizens’ Movement that will be to blame.

  5. Jonjo

    One of the comments on that Facebook page now.

    “Anyone who doesn’t return the pack to Irish Water is being stupid. You are playing into their hands by letting them take you to court because of their legal right to assume a contract with you. You MUST return the pack stating NO CONSENT NO CONTRACT, to cover yourself legally. Either that, or when taken to court you will have to lie on oath by saying you returned the pack to them. Under no circumstances admit that you didn’t send it back, if you do, you are screwed.”

    Muppets. There is no contract as the act which was passed says once you use public water or the public waste water system then you are availing of the utility.

    Now I don’t mind people fighting this payment but there is so much misinformation out there. People should at least be told that they will receive a summons for non payment of a bill and possibly a court date if they still refuse to pay. Also with no allowances, they will be paying more than they need to.

    1. Ahjayzis

      Agreed it’s complete nonsense and would prefer if the 9,000 independent, unaligned and completely redundant grassroots organisations promoting it would come clean.

      BUT, nothing wrong with a mass boycott, Irish Water’s setting up and operation is questionable at very best, I’d dearly love to see it fail and force the government to talk changes.

      I do dislike these fools being mislead though, it’s not principle they’re standing for, they’re working under a false assumption.

    2. Ironballs McGinty

      They’ve also posted some useful information regarding the reason why the German football away kit is green.

  6. Jonjo

    Jesus, this is from the ‘NGO’ themselves :-o

    “The National Citizens Movement: They need your pps and signature.Without these,they cannot take anyone to court”

  7. Frilly Keane, Anyone?

    Ask a Broadsheet Reader time

    I have been given two different start dates for the meter. Now both passed. Obvs.

    I havent stopped or caused interference or hindered the works. I promise. Hence, ceist, Can I insist on my meter being installed before Irish Water issue me with bills?

    Ceist eile. What if I install my own meter on my own property and provide readings to the Irish Water accounts dept?

    1. smoothlikemurphys

      Ceist Eile – not allowed, just like you can’t install your own Electricity or Gas meter.

        1. Happy Molloy

          can you think of any reason why a service provider wouldn’t let you install your own meter?

          hint – it’s pretty obvious!

          1. Spartacus

            How very sad for you. Your world must be entirely beige. Get back to us when you develop a mind of your own and learn to interpret the world around you. Critical thinking, not just for the windswept and interesting amongst us.

    2. Mani

      Having carefully read your comment my only advice is that you shouldn’t sleep with the meter installer right away. Take things slowly and he’ll appreciate your strong will and moral values and consider you more as a long term mate rather than a casual fling.

      1. goingunderground

        Sadly, Mani, it doesn’t always happen that way. More often than not, they simply lose interest and move on to an easier, more willing subject. And you of all people should know that.

    3. ReproBertie

      “For both metered and unmetered homes, water services charges will apply from 1st October 2014.”

      Until the meter is installed you will be charged on the flat rate:
      “Charges are based on an assessment of the volume of water supplied The assessment of volume is dependent on the number of occupants declared to be living at the domestic property being supplied.”

      The packs allow you to register the number of adults and children at your home to ensure you get the appropriate allowances. For my home (2 adults, 2 children) that means we pay €278.16 instead of the €629.52 I’d be charged if I returned my pack with some pithy slogan scrawled on it.

      You may not buy and install your own meter:
      “Irish water will supply the meter as it needs to meet our specifications for encrypted data and comply with Data Protection regulations.”

      I am not a FG shill:
      “ReproBertie is not emplyed in any way by FG or Irish water”

      1. Spartacus

        IW have absolutely no authority to prevent customers from installing their own meters on private property.

        Their second claim has not been tested, and I believe it would fail.

        1. Nigel

          We had out own water meters installed because we were all about the monitoring of our water usage for study to assist and promote water conservation. Irish Water took them all out and installed the new ones. Grrr.

          1. Spartacus

            Just to clarify – removed them from private property without consent, or from a public area such as a footpath outside your boundary?

          2. Nigel

            Well, it’s all our property, or property of the company, and the placement of the mains access wasn’t always as spot-on as it could be, so we’re actually not sure, but in all cases the access was supposed to be off the private lots, usually in the parking spaces which the County Council reserve rights over, or the road (I’m probably muddling this a bit.) The meters certainly belonged to our company, so we had to be sure to tell the installers to leave them behind when they went, but whatever they did, they had the right to do it. We weren’t bloody thrilled, but it’s part of our ethos to monitor and reduce water usage where possible, and imposing charges should theoretically help with that. It is not our ethos of FG to feck up the charges with financial wastage, redundancy, incompetence, mounting excessive burdens on the less-well-off and cronyism, but that’s just business as usual.

          3. ABM's Bloodied Underwear

            “it’s part of our ethos to monitor and reduce water usage where possible, and imposing charges should theoretically help with that. It is not our ethos of FG to feck up the charges with financial wastage, redundancy, incompetence, mounting excessive burdens on the less-well-off and cronyism, but that’s just business as usual.”

            Not against paying for the treatment of water per se, but it’s this part here that sums it up perfectly.
            Just because something has to be done shouldn’t mean that ordinary Irish people get shafted and fleeced of money in the process.

            It’s been one big crony and gombeen exercise from the start and I’m not paying for that. FG thought they could pick up with the same scumbag antics FF gleefully employed but enough is enough.

    4. Clampers Outside!

      You can install your own meter, just find where it enters the house (ask a plumber) or if in an apartment you can put your own meter somewhere in the hot press among all dem pipes :)

      As an apartment dweller, I’ll be looking to put my own meter in.

      As a board member of a small apartment complex, 46 apartments, we’re pushing to meter the whole complex, not much joy on that yet…. but I’ll let ya know if we get anywhere.

    5. cgarvey

      Ceist: No. If you don’t have an Irish Water meter installed, you’ll be billed the flat rate. You’ve no specific right to have a meter installed.

      Ceist eile: You’re free to install your own meter (as long as it’s on your property, and your side of the stop-cock), but Irish Water are free to ignore your meter entirely (which they will!). I haven’t heard of any user-submitted readings facility. Given the meter stores a time-stamped history of readings, there’s probably no need; they’ll get last month’s reading the next time they’re around.

    1. Mister Mister

      Back to Facebuk for you. I know from the comfort fellow lefties there you may find it difficult to understand there’s a real world out there in which people have common sense and understand the realities of life. These people. strangely enough, aren’t all affiliated to a political party.

      Anyway, they haven’t given you their consent to call them names, so in your face.

      1. goingunderground

        Oh yes they have – social contract, me matey; and the first breath of air you take, you sign it.

    2. Mick Flavin

      There’s a potato-based post up now that’s suffering a serious dearth of FG troll-exposure. Hurry on over and do your thing, you valuable, interesting man.


      Look at him go…magnificent!

  8. wearnicehats

    This is just more nonsense – same as the Household tax. All those who didn’t pay will pay eventually and pay more than they could have in the first place.. Why do people in this country think the world owes them something.

    “Don’t go around saying the world owes you a living. The world owes you nothing. It was here first.” – Mark Twain

    Grow up, pay your charge, stop whingeing, buy less beer and fags and get on with being a citizen. My only concern is that people will use so little water that Irish Water won’t have the income that they expect and so the charges will have to go up – same as they did with electricity and gas

    1. Ahjayzis

      IMO boycotting because you think your house is a sovereign state with no treaty with the sovereign state who’s trying to charge you is one thing, but a boycott on principle is fairly respectable, even if it’s self defeating.

      This isn’t some honest-to-mammy conservation measure or a modernisation of the water system, it’s been a stitch up from day one. Most glaringly in that they knowingly are retaining 1200 unnecessary staff members and will merely be an overarching supra-body over the council water departments for twelve years while we pay for both.

      And then there’s no consequent tax rebate for the costs we already pay for water – which in my books is double charging since the current system is paid for by us, will continue to be paid for by us while they slot a second system on top which we will pay for.

      You don’t necessarily need an overinflated sense of entitlement to feel royally fooked by all this.

      1. Just sayin'

        I’m happy to pay a property tax and water charges BUT its really important that the basis for these charges be scrutinised really closely and any price hikes closely investigated.
        People aren’t talking enough about water conservation. My mum recycles like a mad woman since waste charges came in and I know she’ll be timing my showers when I visit. This is great- We’ll stop wasting a lot of water and may not have to spend billions piping it from the Shannon to Dublin for a while yet.

        1. Italia'90

          That pipe will be built even quicker now that water is being charged for… and who will win that contract you ask? Hmmmm you’ll never believe it?
          Also, do you know your man Denis? The nice business man from Offshoreland? The fella with the tribunals tryin to harass him? Good friend of the FG party… Yeah?
          Well, Denis is into the oul technology and Data Warehousing is one of his many bags. These warehouses need incredible cooling systems. Water based cooling systems and guess what?
          He’s on a Win/Win/Win with the water debacle. You couldn’t make this stuff up I swear.
          The sale of IW will make the O2 bid corruption look like loose change.
          Almost everything is in place, a few more years if he’s lucky.
          Big Phil was always made welcome in Denis’ Mount Juliet Paddy Palace.
          It’s all part of the strategy.
          We have the option to protest now or lube up.
          It’s in our hands for now.

    2. offMooof

      Being a citizen sometimes requires more than just going along with the flow. Introducing a taxation which effectively rations water on the basis of wealth is something we should question on moral not economic grounds. The debate so far has been framed squarely through the lens of the market, even when slides were leaked outlining how to frame the debate so that people stop thinking as citizens and start thinking like consumers the discussion was whether this was good value for money. A democracy should be more than an economy etc, etc

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