‘We’re Screwed’



Woman: “The most interesting thing is that the travel ban stuff”…..”Which is what I……”

Major Garrett: “Yeah, we’re screwed. We’re just…I’m feeling fluish….(kissy kissy…no no no no)

“If this DC test comes back positive, I’m doing phoners (phone-in segments – instead of “on location” segments) all weekend.”

“If this what?…..oh yeah”

Woman: “DC test comes back positive, I’ll be doing phoners.”

A just-released tape of CBS Chief White House Correspondent Major Garrett in conversation having left his mic on following a briefing on the US response to the Ebola Outbreak on October 3.


Thanks CRT

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44 thoughts on “‘We’re Screwed’

  1. Tom Stewart

    This is seriously weak sauce Bodger.

    It’d be totally different if they were White House staff members or WHO employees, but they’re reporters. They’re reporters engaging in some speculation while joking with each other (“I’m feeling fluish – I’m gonna give you a big kiss”).

    There is nothing here.

  2. soupy norman

    I over heard two lads down the pub talking about the e-bola thing as well….
    run for the hills!

    1. CRT

      Not just Spain, but France and Norway are also investigating cases. Oh and a little place called India.

      People have been saying we’re ripe for a pandemic for a long time. Not that this is it, but people pretending it can’t happen aren’t being realistic either.

    2. Don Pidgeoni

      Unless you have been involved in the care of Ebola patients, you are probably going to be ok

      1. Medium Sized C

        Reading about it, that seems to be the case.

        I’m sceptical of media terror over potential pandemics, after SARS and the veritable zodiac of influenzas.

      2. CRT

        Well – normally I’d agree with you, but considering the very long incubation time of Ebola, and considering that the US – contrary to what they may be claiming officially – isn’t doing a bang up job screening at airports – and considering how much air traffic goes through the US. Oh and considering it’s already popping up in India – apparently.

        Well. This may be different.

        Even non-fear-mongerers (thats a word right?) are saying this could be different:


        Read the bit at the bottom – about the researchers in Boston.

        1. Tom Stewart

          I very much appreciate your attempt to back up what you’re saying CRT, but here is a flaw in your argument: you have linked to the Daily Mail.

          1. CRT

            Like I said – go to the bottom of the article – which simply summarises this research


            Dismissing it because it’s in the daily mail is about as clever as believing it because it’s in the daily mail.

            Finally – watch this CNN report:


            Reporters coming back from Liberia, telling border control they had been reporting on Ebola, and they weren’t in any way checked/screened/etc.

            The reason the West is meant to be safe from Ebola is because we’re more hygienic and better organised… I’m pretty dubious about half of that argument these days.

          2. Tom Stewart

            “Dismissing it because it’s in the daily mail is about as clever as believing it because it’s in the daily mail.”

            I disagree with you on that point. I dismiss the Daily Mail because they are an absolutely apalling source. And your sources should be good and credible if you want your point to be believed. Equating this to believing something because it’s in the Daily Mail does not hold water.

            Now linking to independent.co.uk or CNN is better. They might actually check their facts/not misrepresent the facts/not have an agenda of scaring you into buying their newspaper.

          3. CRT

            I’m fully, fully aware of the DM and it’s crappiness.

            Anyway – read the indie link – in this case it says the same thing – researchers at Northeastern expect it to spread internationally. Not a full blown pandemic, at all, but also no isolated to a couple countries.

          4. Don Pidgeoni

            Researchers have been saying it will spread for ages, including Peter Piot who helped discover it.

            Also, from that paper

            “We observe that the expected value of the cluster size in the case of international spread is always rather small (in all countries mean<6; median<4). Large outbreak involving more than 10 individuals although potentially possible can be considered as very rare events (Detailed statistics per country are available upon request). "

            ie if there is an outbreak, projections suggest it wont be large in countries outside Africa and this is without taking into account different models for dealing with cases

        2. Don Pidgeoni

          The Mail – your daily dose of fear!

          Look, I’m not saying that the US is doing a great job- clearly things are being missed but it does take time for measures to be taken up correctly (though what the CDC are doing in terms of clean up, I just don’t get). But given that your chances of catching Ebola are high only when the person is symptomatic (coughing up sh**, etc) and only when in contact with body fluids from that, I say that unless you are caring for someone sick, you are probably going to be ok. Should borders and hospitals be vigilant? Hell yes, but the average Joe on the street is probably going to be ok, at least until it spreads widely in Europe, which given our strong health system (which all the countries where it is endemic do not have, one of the reasons why this is getting out of control) is likely to be contained pretty quickly.

  3. CRT

    View it as him releasing steam, joking, panicking (not likely), whatever, it’s still spreading around online. Not Ebola – this clip.

    I emailed Major to ask what he meant. We’ll see what he says ;)

  4. Dhaughton99

    Don’t care what anyone says, there should be tests or quarantine for people coming back from the highly infected areas.

    1. Don Pidgeoni

      It can take 3 weeks for Ebola symptoms to start ie until you can be tested. You are going to quarantine everyone who has been to Liberia etc for 3 weeks? Good luck with that.

  5. jeremy kyle

    Yeah well while you’ve all been joking I’ve been stockpiling munitions and food.

    No liquefied intestines for me.

  6. Rapshhhtar

    ive always loved apocalyptic films and books, and always wondered how id fair in some sort of post-apocalyptic world. All those half naked dudes in leather but i just dont think im ready for it yet for the thunderdome.

  7. CRT

    A few updates today:

    Ebola outbreak: Spread of deadly disease across Europe is ‘unavoidable’, warns WHO chief:


    Experts starting to admit it may take vaccine to stop Ebola in West Africa


    Some Ebola experts worry virus may spread more easily than assumed


    1. Don Pidgeoni

      From first

      WHO European director Zsuzsanna Jakab has said while more cases will spread in Europe, the continent should be well prepared to control the disease.

      If you want to believe the end of the world is nigh, fine. But that’s not what experts are saying at all. All you are doing is creating worry!

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