Muffin To See Here


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From top: Muffins from Fresh, buns from Insomnia and the pair together.

Two Spongey, sugar glazed balls of the Cake God.

Same great taste.

Same premises.

Radically different PRICES.

Sam writes:

“Bought a ‘white chocolate and lemon’ muffin in the Insomnia attached to Fresh in Grand Canal Square [Dublin] today. Cost €2.50. (top) While leaving, we saw the exact same type of muffin on display a couple of feet away in Fresh for €1.65 (second pic). We bought it, for research purposes, at the till in Insomnia. (You can do this for all Fresh products – shows how closely the two are linked). Diifferent colour wrapping/case, no noticeable difference in taste but a big price difference (85c!) between €2.50 and €1.65 for a muffin. There ya go. Be careful out there folks. ;)”


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30 thoughts on “Muffin To See Here

    1. Joe Malone

      if anyone has trouble sleep give that a read, it’s so unriveting u’ll be out cold in 2 mins

  1. Colm

    Hang on. Stuff sometimes costs more in cafes and restaurants than it does in the supermarket?

    This changes EVERYTHING.

    1. munkifisht

      I know, I went into an off license and bought a bottle of wine for €10, a few days later I was in a restaurant and ordered the same bottle of wine (same packaging and everything) and it cost €20.

  2. ahjayzis

    Did Sam either A) not know that muffins, cakes, sandwiches, coffee, EVERYTHING is more expensive in a coffee shop than a supermarket, or B) think that the cost premium in coffee shops was about better quality or what?

    You’ve taken the red pill Sam, now nothing will ever be the same…

  3. Mick Flavin

    I’ve seen a lot in this country in the recent past: Banks bailed out, bust developers passing properties to their spouses, cuts to funding for services to the most vulnerable in our society, an apathetic political class with little appetite for reform…

    …but this…THIS! is the one that really hits home. When you can’t eat a bun without the suspicion of price-gouging ruining every mouthful…

    *packs Longford geansaí and shorts, books ticket to Australia*

  4. Sam

    Just to clarify in case there’s any confusion, Insomnia is inside the Fresh store. They have the same entrances/exits.

    The two muffins are so close they can see each other. Just letting people know they can save the guts of a quid if they buy the muffin that is on display and not the one behind the counter at Fresh.

    @Clampers Outside! – Both muffins can be taken away or had sit down. :) You can bring your food from Fresh and eat it in Insomnia.

    @realPolithicks – Didn’t know about the cheaper one until we had bought the more expensive one and were walking out the door.

  5. A Taxpayer

    Get the combo and you can get a hot beverage for €1:45 or €2:30, depending on the value you place on the muffin. Insomnia don’t intend to sell any muffins on their own, they have a high price on the muffins to make the combo look like a good deal. And that is why I am 2kg heavier than I should be.

  6. Louis Lefronde

    Bloody whingers….

    ‘Muffins’ …. we used to call them Fairy Cakes!


    They are FAIRY easy to make and not expensive.

  7. Mloc

    People will look back on Broadsheet and think… “when did it all go wrong?”

    I think pointing out that food can vary in price between a coffee shop and supermarket will probably be the that point.

  8. Sancho

    Seriously Broadsheet, just because someone emails you about something- doesnt mean you actually have to post it. A little bit of quality control would be appreciated. Otherwise people might confuse you with the IT.

  9. NotTheBogeyMan

    So two counters in essentialy the same outlet sell the same product, Probably made in the same bakery, Probably delivered by the same guy, Probably cost each concession holder the same amount, with each concession holder Probably paying the same rent, only one is upping their margin by an obscene amount.
    Good post

  10. banchang

    Can we have a bit of journalistic balance here – you can have coffee & a muffin in an Insomnia deal for Eur3.95. Sure the muffin on its own is expensive, but the deals are great (coffee & sandwich Eur5 !)

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