Drinking For Ireland



Ah here.

An instant assessment of where all the money raised by the ‘Old Reliables’ (booze, cigs and petrol) in the fag-hating Budget 2015 will end up. Prepared by boffin-stuffed think tank PublicPolicy.ie.


Budget 2015 PublicPolicy.ie

Thanks Maryrose Lyons

5 thoughts on “Drinking For Ireland

  1. Toe Up

    I see that retailers are coming out against the increase in cigarettes, saying that smokers will buy from illegal sellers. What do they care seeing as the markup on cigarettes is so low. I know there is an argument that cigarettes get people in the door of the shop but there are plenty of other things that people need that will serve the same purpose for shopkeepers.

  2. Odis

    It’s surely time for an article in the Independent, next Saturday. “Smuggled fags are 50% rat ****, says scientist.”

  3. Louis Lefronde

    Ah Government, they always do their very best to encourage Organised Crime to enter the market with lower priced products.

    But then, who was it that said, Organised crime cannot exist without supporters in Government?

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