John’s Tyranny


Irish Water’s John Tierney

Irish Water managing director John Tierney was labelled a “gobshite” at last night’s weekly Fine Gael parliamentary party meeting in Leinster House, which was attended by the Taoiseach.
Kildare North TD Anthony Lawlor made the comments during a heated discussion on water charges, which saw around a dozen TDs criticise the new utility. Tipperary North TD Noel Coonan said he was not going to be associated with such language.

Fine Gael TDs complained at the meeting they were getting a generic response from Irish Water when they forwarded concerns from their constituents. It has the potential to do us a lot of damage, like the medical cards,” a party TD said.

You may recall that Mr Tierney, a former Dublin City Manager, invoked a veto to overrule a Dublin City Council vote 52-50 against the sale of its waste-collection services to Greyhound.

And was forced to apologise after Dublin City Council was accused of mismanaging public funds, following an official audit of the €80million spent on the Poolbeg incinerator project.

Good times.

Fine Gael TD labels Irish Water boss ‘gob*****’ during heated party meeting (

Previously: “I Have Every Confidence In John Tierney’

Chief Running Water

(Mark Stedman/Photocall Ireland)



Clanbrassil Street, Dublin this morning.

Thanks Alex Tease

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40 thoughts on “John’s Tyranny

  1. fluffybiscuits

    Damage was done a hell of a long time ago with the burden of speculators being passed on to the public, cutting social welfare, jobsbridge, emmigration, lack of employment, hospitals being in a worse state than ever, corruption, garda brutality …need we go on about this? This is the straw that broke the camels back albeit it should have been much earlier. Pawing the blame on to FF is the height of irony….

  2. Louis Lefronde

    For once they have it right.

    Speaking of which wasn’t it a Fine Gael Minister who labelled Cearbhal O’Dalaigh a ‘Thundering Disgrace’?

    Of course what Donegan really said was O’Dailaigh was a F**king Disgrace!

    The true description got lost in translation and has been misrepresented ever since.

      1. andyourpointiswhatexactly

        The thundering disgrace comment was made at a private army function. The minister was drunk as a skunk and someone ratted him out.

        1. Louis Lefronde

          O’Dalaigh seemed to be one of those Law Library types who are a bit prim and stand on their own dignity.

  3. ScaryLady

    Dear Broadsheet
    Please put up some links to past John Tierney articles. If only he was just a gobsh*te!

  4. downtowntrain

    As is so often the case, I’m left wondering what do guys like Tierney have on people to get so far in life? baffling.

    1. 3stella

      In fairness to John Tierney, he has a exemplary and outstanding record with being associated with public disasters from the spiralling costs of the development of Eyre Sq In Galway, the Poolbeg 100m fiasco,, the handling of Priory hall under his DCC tenure, the secret deal, the botched and messy privatization of DCC waste services that has left the capital streets like landfill.

  5. smoothlikemurphys

    So when Joe Soap can’t get a response from Irish Water that’s just tough luck, but when a TD can’t get an immediate resolution for a constituent as per the terms of their ‘He fixed the road’ election promises, it’s all ‘SOMETHING MUST BE DONE!’

    1. Just sayin'

      I agree. Why should we have to go through a TD or Councillor to get state services we are entitled to anyway. What’s wrong with us?

      1. ReproBertie

        Could it be that, rather than going through their TD for a service, people are raising questions about Irish Water at TDs’ clinics that the TDs are unable to answer and when the TDs then try to get the answers from Irish Water they get nowhere?

        This would be a double blow to their ego, not only can they not answer the plebs’ questions but Irish Water treats them the same way as they treat the plebs. I can fully understand why being treated like a normal person would get a TD’s back up.

    2. Alfred E. Neumann

      So when there’s a problem TDs don’t know about they ignore it, but when there’s a problem they know about they try to fix it? I AM ASHAMED TO LIVE IN THIS COUNTRY.

  6. Mayor Quimby

    This is a joke.

    The problem here is that politicians won’t let Irish Water bill the consumers like a normal utility.

    Do Landlords pay for their tenants electricity, gas or Sky? No they don’t.

    The latest Labour Party wheeze is a tax credit for everyone including those with a well/group scheme. This goes against all logic

    1. ahyeah

      “Do Landlords pay for their tenants electricity, gas or Sky? No they don’t.”

      And landlords won’t be paying for tenants’ water either. So what are you talking about?

      1. Mayor Quimby

        whoosh. This mess started ages ago with all the hard luck stories (from those on welfare rates waaay above the European norm.)

        If the water meters were treated like normal utilities then they would be turned off if feckless tenants simply decide not to pay and the landlord would have no issue

        1. ahyeah

          Whoosh? No, just that you didn’t say that first time round.

          And what you’ve just said is a political ideology, not a comment. And a nonsensical one at that. Utterly idiotic, in fact. Switch off water supply to people’s houses? Really?

    2. Eeejit

      A statement above from Mr. Mayor Quimby that demonstrates where most people come from on this issue – a place of ignorance of the actual facts.

      Landlords are not being asked to pay, only to register their premises. They can, just like ESB or Gas, pay on actual bills to tenants, which I imagine all will do.

      1. Mayor Quimby

        And you’re missing the substance. This is a mess because of politics around allowances, PPS number and all that crap. If there were no “allowances” credits there would be no messing around

  7. john

    where is “micro manager” hogan now rewarded with a big payoff in Europe,God help agriculture,how did we finish with this fiasco,you could not make it up.we have people talking about paddy donegan rip.can we not deal with todays problems and ask why do we keep doing this to ourselves.are we not learning anything from the past.I agree about the comment about the self employed,why should they not pay the same as others re the usc.

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