No ‘Asteroids’?


Game Icons Stamps CMYK

Top:  BANDAI NAMCO Games Inc’s PAC-MAN and Taito Corp’s Space Invaders. Bottom: SEGA’ s Sonic the Hedgehog, Nintendo’s Mario. 

New from An Post.

Four of the “most popular” gaming icons of all time.

Designed by Dublin-based  Zinc Design Consultants and available online here

Needs more cat.

ZAP! Fight!

An Post


Thanks Feargal Purcell

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26 thoughts on “No ‘Asteroids’?

  1. Medium Sized C

    Most popular would surely have to involve some reference to GTA and COD.

    So do us one with a faceless soldier shooting brown or russian terrorists and someone beating a prostitute to death for their money back.

  2. epson aculaser c100

    design consultants? , ….sorry westbrit kids who ‘know illustrator’ but this months associated word is ‘design boutique’

  3. Tom Stewart

    The Irish translation is abysmal. It should read:

    “Íocóin cluichí”.

    Complete inversion of word order, and incorrect plural of “íocón”. Seriously, a primarly school student would do better. Must try harder Zinc (to find a translator instead of Google Translating it).

    1. blueswannabe

      Yeah, it reads ‘Iconic Games’, not ‘Game Icons’ – though in fairness in this case they both kind of apply.

      1. Tom Stewart

        My bad, you’re right. It does read “Iconic Games”. I missed that. Not a bad translation after all. “Íocóin cluichí” (or something like it) is arguably a less natural-sounding translation than what they have come up with.

    2. ahjayzis

      Why when Irish borrows a word from another language does it change it’s spelling? I mean what’s wrong with just using the English word?

      Biúró as Irish for Bureau is one that always annoys me, it’s all over Dublin airport. I mean it’s a loanword from English, which in turned borrowed it from French and kept it intact. It’s manky looking!

  4. rotide

    Mario and Sonic as well as pac man/space invaders occupy the same sort of space really.

    Also, why show screens from the game instead of Pac Man and the Alien from space invaders on their own.

    Seems inconsistant. Nice idea from An Post though.

    (for me it would be Mario, Space invader alien, Pac Man and Gordon Freeman )

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