23 thoughts on “Irish Menmoirs

  1. illuminati16

    Filans book actually has some pretty good insider info on the collapse from a developers perspective, how people used all sorts of dodgy tricks to serve papers on him, the pressure of owing suppliers money and impact on his family, rather than an egg chaser discuss his nights out in renards with glenda gilson and other d4 flotsam.

    1. Kill The Poor

      Any insights on doing a legger to England and not paying your gambling (property) debts ?

      Or just poor me PR’d twaddle ??

  2. Vin

    Was in Dublin airport recently. And in Easons (or is it WH Smith?) in Terminal 2 there was an entire stand with Filan’s book. Each of them with the sticker “signed by the author”.
    Didn’t look like there was many being shifted.

      1. Garthicus

        Bizarrely he was the support act for one of Garth Brooks’ nights. Filan not being able to perform in front of 80k people is the only happiness I got from the cancellations.

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