40 thoughts on “Branded Water

    1. Porridge

      His argument is spot on. I agree with many of his points in his various Trews videos and interviews. It’s just a shame we get walked all over by our government and allow it to happen to us.

        1. Jim Computer

          And YOUR argument against anything he said is…
          …spot on, no doubt.

          -So, let’s hear it. then.

          Attacking the man rather than the argument as your starting point is a bit pathetic.

          1. Jim Computer

            @ Atlus;

            You aren’t very good at this, so I’m going to give you a pass this time.
            Try keeping your mouth shut until you have something to say in future.

          2. Porridge


            I don’t know where you are going with the “No Contract, No Consent” thread in relation to my and Jim Computer’s posts but Brand’s argument of taxing the major corporations in this country, and not the general public, holds value.

            Yes, the Irish water system need dramatic investment but the idea of Irish Water came about through the bailout negotiations. Instead of taxing the Irish people for water, as a way of creating revenue, why don’t we tax the multinational companies?

          3. rotide

            Because then basically the only thing that is keeping us out of the third world will pick up and leave.


          4. mano

            And who are you exactly?, that gives you the power to give someone a ‘pass’, Anytime someone calls someone a ‘traitor’ or similar for political views or actions that they don’t agree with is calling for a fascist totalitarian society.

          5. Atlas

            @ Mr. Mister

            “First they came for the assholes, but I did not speak out – because I was not an asshole…”

      1. Walter-Ego

        The only thing wrong with that was his dodgy Oirish accent. Other than that he was absolutely spot on.

        1. Frilly Keane

          That oirish is all part of his camp panto personality

          Wouldn’t tick me off tbh
          But I ücking hate ” iland ”

          And what he’s saying about the Facebook and the likes not pulling their weight regarding Corporate Social Responsibility outputs isn’t new

          Maybe we should all wear veils on future

        2. Clampers Outside!

          I thought he did a great job of putting on a mock Irish accent, and taking the mick out of the BBCs reportage (or puntage) was spot on.

          Makes me wonder, I must pay more attention, does RTE / TV3 throw in so many puns into theirs :)

    1. delacaravanio

      Lol. Joan Burton is probably sitting at home, watching this on her 22 carat gold iPhone, and roaring WHERE ARE THE BODIES, RUSSEL repeatedly at the screen.

  1. Jim Computer

    Some people don’t like his hedonistic, seemingly infantile take on liberalism or his obvious disdain for the political process, but I quite like Mr. Brand.
    This video is worth more than a thousand of the usual sort we get posted here on this site.

    He may not know the answers and neither does he pretend to, but he asks the right questions, in the right way..

    More politics in comedy, and more comedy in politics is what we need.
    It keeps some of us from going insane.

    1. Jess

      “More politics in comedy, and more comedy in politics is what we need.”

      Spot on. I’ve always said that the main failings of our political process are due to a lack of effective satire

      1. Frilly Keane

        Here Mick.

        Imagine Ronan Mullen waking up and discovering he’s in the baby in the manger. And he’s looking up and sees Sinead O’Connor in one of them veils.

        Waaahhhhh. Waaaahhh. Waaahhhh.
        He realises he should a kept his previous prolife trap shut

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