Decent Garda Watch



Kilmacangoue, north Co. Wicklow this morning.

A fair cop, in fairness.

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60 thoughts on “Decent Garda Watch

      1. Frenchfarmer

        Imagine if some naughty/ law abiding person clamped his vehicle for obstructing the rightful passage etc.

    1. isintheair_

      Send that video to Rabble, they’re so cool and edgy and underground over there. They’ll play rave music over it.

      1. Mister Mister

        What point are they making, other than they’re a bunch of idiots ? You’d want to have the patience of a saint to deal with some of the nonsense they come out with.

      2. JimmytheHead

        do you find middle aged women in high viz jackets standing on the side of the road terrifying? yes, you should probably call the Garda in case things kick off. think one of them had a flask of tea that could scald if throw in a vicious manner. typical dissident behaviour

    1. ReproBertie

      The garda maintains that just standing still in front of the Irish Water van is causing an obstruction but walking back and forth in front of it is not. He asks the proestors to keep moving so that they are protesting but not obstructing.

      The protestors maintain it’s a civil matter, they are protesting peacefully, he is causing an obstruction and the garda driving the car received his licence under spurious circumstances.

      No women were harmed in the making of this video.

      1. MepMep

        The Garda also notices a flare for comedy with one of protesters, helpfully indicating perhaps a comedian’s position would suit her better than a protester. Good on him.

    2. Clampers Outside!

      Rouyghly along the lines of….

      Garda: You’re not protesting if you’re standing still
      Protestor: But I am moving
      Garda: No, you’re standing there filming, you should be moving back and forth (or something to that affect)

      I think he wanted to reverse the car back a bit further but couldn’t and got out of the car to ask the protesters to move :)

      Mostly light hearted stuff, all very patient, nothing mean or untoward from either side.

    3. TomRed

      Woman with camera standing on the road blocking workmen from moving their van (water I guess)
      *Garda asks her to move because she’s causing an obstruction.
      Ahh, but she’s not, she’s “peacefully protesting”….because she’s done it before, she knows the law and it’s “not a criminal matter. So why are you here Garrrrd”.
      How he stays calm with all that guff I really don’t know…..

      (*very abbreviated summary of what’s going on)

  1. Water Water Everywhere

    Nothing better to do with their time than to waste other people’s time. This country wasn’t built by women. They should stay where they belong, in the kitchen and out of sight. Typical feminists.

    1. Mister Mister

      Obviously since they ‘put out a call on facebuke’ for people to come help them.

      Don’t they have jobs to go to, rabble, rabble rabble.

  2. SunshineB

    Have they nothing better to do…? It’s time the protesters got over it. Nobody likes new taxes but enough is enough. They have to be paid.

    1. tucker

      Really, SunshineB, do they? They are not ‘new’ taxes, we already pay for water indirectly and directly through income tax, PAYE, PRSI, USC and property tax. Also, it is not a tax, it is a charge being foisted on us by a startup company who has shanghaied us, with government acquiescence, into becoming their customers. And to top it all off, this startup company has a shoddy product (40% loss through leaks). ‘Have to be paid,’ indeed!

        1. tucker

          Well off you go and pay then, there’s a good sheep. But if you do, you won’t be paying for water – this is another ECB/troika shakedown.

          1. ArtVandelay

            Okay tucker, tell me where we would be with the ecb/troika. Feel free to cite Iceland as an example of a country that burned its banks.

            Sheesh, a few rte reports on a property bubble and everyone forgets that we’re absolutely fecked as a country.

          1. Steve

            I posted this analogy previously, which I changed a little bit after helpful input of another commenter… but here goes again….This whole thing about we already pay for it is annoying. It misses the point completely.

            Consider the following. You have an old ambulance serving the Coombe . The rear axel is messed, exhaust is hanging off and the breaks are screeching. But every 10,000kms you are changing the oil and filters.Yes you are putting money already into the ambulance, but could you really argue you are maintaining it properly??

            That said, the above doesn’t negate the fact that money could be diverted from other areas, like paying interest on bank debt, into increased investment in the water system.

        2. Mister Mister

          No, we don’t. We pay towards our water, but like so much in the state, we can’t cover all the costs by tax intake alone, hence why we get the big fupping loans.

          1. JC

            No No, we pay fully for water. Many councils did not draw down, OR where directed to not draw down the allocated amount. Its not the tax payers fault that the massive money we pay is being mismanaged,

            What are you thoughts on mismanaged tax payers money ?

            Genuinely interested .

  3. Helen 2.0

    Nothing quite like publishing your own idiocy for everybody to see.
    Although I’m probably wrong as she’s an experienced protestor and knows what’s she’s doing.

  4. Robotnik

    We appear to have an abundance of legal professionals, the understanding of Irish law is unprecedented in recent times.

  5. Robotnik

    We appear to have an abundance of legal professionals, the understanding of Irish law is unprecedented in recent times.

  6. Chewbacca

    Bottom line is that we are paying the USC which was meant to be temporary but is now permanent.
    Water tax is the final straw. The sense is shouldn’t our income tax and USC be enough.

    There is real fear that privatisation of Irish water by Denis O’Brien et. al. lies ahead. The political classes have proved unreliable and disingenuous. People have had enough.

  7. tikkii

    Have these people no jobs to go to? After watching that I certainly wouldn’t be siding with the ‘protestors’ A nice patient man in fairness to him.

  8. Wayne Carr

    Oh my Catholic God, can’t those silly knack-bags protest somewhere else? Don’t they know they are in the way of good, honest people trying to do a day’s work. Does that video show all the protesters throwing bricks and intimidating female politicians? That’s what they’re all like, the ignorant, Jobstown sods.

    Next we’ll have Eamonn “IRA Socialist” McCann writing a well informed piece in The Irish Times about how protesters are being demonised by the mainstream press. Get your tin foil hat Eamonn, ya big Trotskyite!

    Did I do good, Enda?

  9. SunshineB

    We should have to pay for water. It’s an expensive system to run and it needs to be done properly. I don’t have a problem with paying. It was never going to be a popular introduction but what was the alternative, NOT bail out the banks? It was a necessary evil and now we have to get on with things.

    Agreed the whole Irish Water fiasco had been handled incredibly poorly but protesting by being a smart arse to either the gardai or the staff of Irish water is like abusing the waitress cos your dinner isn’t nice. There’s just no need.

  10. munkifisht

    Lots of the same bullsh!t talk again going on here Whinge whine Unemployed, Whinge whine Sinn Fein, Whinge Whine you’re gonna have to pay… Would you f**kin broken recrods give the f**k over for a second and stay on topic.

    And on topic….

    Garda’s a legend. Dealing with these guys perfectly. Respectful of the right to protest so long as they are making a protest. Even helps them out by telling them how to do it without breaking the law. Showing how they can be an obstruction without causing obstruction. Comparing that to Bollard Girl from the other day it’s quite refreshing.

    Sharon Briggs on the other hand seems a grade A dope. Begging for controversy, very adversarial. Clown is all about Us and Them. The Gardí are citizens of the country too and I’d be of a mind there’s a fair few of them that agree with the protesters, but it’s their job to keep the peace and uphold the law.

    Also, for some reason link wasn’t working for me, here it is again for anyone having trouble

    1. smoothlikemurphys

      “Lots of the same bullsh!t talk again going on here Whinge whine Unemployed, Whinge whine Sinn Fein,”

      At the time you posted that comment (And incidentally, at the present time also), there hadn’t been a single mention of Sinn Fein in this thread. Or unemployment, for that matter.

  11. My Daddy is bigger than Yours

    With a name like Sharon Briggs you don’t need to watch to watch the video to know what’s going on.

    Fat cream crackers with accents that could grate cheese.

    Ugh, and call the fashion poleece too.

  12. My Daddy is bigger than Yours

    Jebus -what an asshole. look at her Facebook profile:

    First I need to rant,… In the bank lodging money, lodgement slip filled in, go to the counter where only two staff work, first thing the lady said was “do you know you can lodge with the machines”, to which o replied “do you know that machine will take your job”, to which she replied ” I’m only telling you” to which I replied ” like you do everything im here”. I wanted to scream, sorry just arrived on the planet today. This repetitive talk gives me a big feckin headache, worse than the checkouts in the supermarkets constantly saying, take your items, insert cash, and all that crap… You know what I mean.

    1. MepMep

      She should run the country. If you didn’t hear something the first time, though. Pay double. THAT’s the way we’ll get out of this recession.

    1. My Daddy is bigger than Yours

      Do you consider what she does to be trolling?

      She’s annoying a Garda trying to do his job – so much for his rights or privacy. There’s no public benefit in what she’s doing. Look at her FB profile – be honest – she’s not someone you’d be friends with either. Annoying accent, harpy and hectoring. Not articulate, well read or educated either. Let’s not comment on her physical appearance or dress sense.

      1. Clampers Outside!

        She’s also convinced Jeremy Irons is gay, has a picture of herself with him, and says that she could probably “turn him”….. in jest I’m sure…. but that’s what you’d be dealing with. Mr Irons is married to Sinead Cusack still…..

        *slow-rubbing-facepalm and breathe*

        WTF like :)

  13. Hosannah in the Hiace

    Sharon Briggs

    she’s a radical Marxist from her profile. would you give publicity to someone belonging to an extremist reactionary right wing party?

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