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This afternoon.

Near Hollywood village, County Wicklow.

Eamonn writes;

Fire engulfes dry gorse in the West Wicklow Mountains, just beyond Hollywood Village. Since the start of the week fire services and the Defence Forces have been fighting fires in the Wicklow and Dublin Mountains which have been out of control and according to reports at one stage threatened Hollywood Village.

Today is the last day farmers are allowed to burn vegation on their lands and according to the emergency services most of the recent fires have been as a result of delibarate burning which got out of control.

That’s showbiz.

Eamonn Farrell/RollingNews

This morning.

On Bray Head in Co Wicklow.

Emergency services (second picture) at the scene of a fire which broke out on Bray Head this morning (top) which has caused damage to railway infrastructure – forcing the line between Bray and Greystones to be closed for the rest of the day.

Sam Boal/Rollingnews

Colm Walsh writes:

On the piste in Milltown, Dublin 6/14


This afternoon.

In Rathcoole, Co Wicklow.


Also in Rathcoole.


Thanks Stephen Stewart


Hempture.ie tweetz:

Ever see a snowman with arms? Since HQ was a little quiet with the weather today we decided to build a snowman or 3!! We would like to thank the guys in for the stalks that we used for the arms!!!

Sinn Fein leader Gerry Adams, centre, at the Ploughing Championships earlier today

RTE reports:

A Wicklow councillor expelled from Sinn Féin has said the party did not even have the courtesy to tell him about the expulsion.

Councillor Gerry O’Neill said he, along with fellow councillors John Snell and Oliver O’Brien, had previously lost the party whip.

This follows a dispute over the appointment of Councillor Nicola Lawless as Sinn Féin group leader on Wicklow County Council.

Cllr O’Neill said the move was part of a wider bid by the party to control councillors and make them “nodding dogs.”

Sinn Féin expels three members in Wicklow council dispute (RTE)


From the Ploughing Championships in Screggan, Tullamore, Co Offaly…

Harry McGee, in The Irish Times, reports:

…The three have said the party has tried to browbeat them and to impose decisions and officers on them. Mr O’Neill has previously said he would not be a “nodding dog” for any party.

Speaking on the issue of Sinn Féin’s handling of such complaints – and others, some of which involve cases of alleged bullying – Mr Adams said that “if Sinn Féin is to be blamed internally for one thing, it is perhaps we have been too patient in trying to get people to deal with issues in a fraternal way and you get to the point where you realise that that is just not possible.”

“So, with great reluctance, we have expelled these three councillors, we have done it within our own rules, our own regulations and they know well that that was coming to them.”

Sinn Féin expels three Wicklow councillors (The Irish Times)

Pic: Sinn Fein